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From James K. Clough Kellerton Our r

From James K. Clough


Our republic of United States of America on its knees – why?

The how is simple. Fifty years of partisan politics in Congress of the United States, dominated by the Democratic party, except for six years, and that was controlled by the Democrats by a filibuster in the U.S. Senate.

This writing is to illustrate how the control of energy, the cost, availability, sustainability of all energy resources, crude oil being the only natural source used in every phase of life, is the foundation of life.

Yet, for 50 years, U.S. Congress has denied the United States to develop an oil industry, for the health and prosperity for the people, business and industry that could be trusted for future planning and investment.

Example one – Oil discovered in Purdue Bay, Alaska. Oil companies spent 10 years and millions of dollars in legal battle with Congress and animal rights people, over save the carbon, to build an oil pipeline through Alaska to an ice free port.

Saudi Arabia did us a favor by boycotting the United States from their oil. Our Washington congressional politicians saw the light, allowed the pipeline to be built, or be voted out of office.

This is the wording of the bill they passed in 1973:

“Alaska pipeline (PL93-153) enacted Nov. 16, 1973, authorized construction of the TransAlaskan Pipeline and prohibits further judicial review on environmental grounds.”

It’s curious. Did the Democrats really want that last line in the pipeline bill? This was the first and last true energy bill to be submitted or passed. How short-sighted of the congressional politicians, no oil refineries to be built to proceed the 250,000 barrels a day. Though our oil in the market saved the U.S. from the ‘80s economic crisis by lowering the energy cost, lowered inflation, renewed confidence for the U.S. industry.

For 20 years, nothing was attempted or was pressing to pass an energy bill. Until the cost of crude oil began to rise, and the oil companies could afford the expense to build and drill for oil, over the law and regulations that Congress and the environmentalists had installed after the California off-shore oil spill and other hazards they declared would be disasters?

Finally, Congress passed a bill to expand the oil industry. President Bill Clinton vetoed it. He not only vetoed it, he and Al Gore went to the United Nations and started the snowball rolling to get a climate investigation by way of the World Kagoto Commission and the global warming theory. This was in 1998.


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