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Right now, Iowa spelling offense ‘IOIQIOQ’

Tons of theories, but the eureka moments are still out there

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012 11:27 a.m. CDT

IOWA CITY — The Iowa offense right now is a fill-in-the-blank word-play riddle thingie.Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz found himself with a Scrabble hand of “Is” and “Os” at different times during the Hawkeyes’ 9-6 loss to Iowa State last week. And so now Iowa is one of two teams in FBS who have yet to complete a successful point after touchdown, which is more commonly known as a “PAT,” in case those letters have slipped your mind.

The offensive stats are where you’d think they’d be, in the 100s nationally and the double digits in the Big Ten. It’s not coming together. That doesn’t mean it can’t, but right now it’s spelling something out of IOIQIOQ.

How is first-year offensive coordinator Greg Davis taking this?

“He’s very patient with us right now,” wide receiver Keenan Davis said Tuesday. “He tells us everyday, ‘This is where we’re at, and we can get better.’ And then he’ll say, ‘The thing is, we’re never going to be there. You’re always going to have something to work on.’ ”

Tuesday’s media session was filled with theories. All the bases were covered. No eureka moments were had.

“We aren’t the most experienced group right now, so I think the experienced guys feel like they have to do a little bit more, and there’s a fine line,” Kirk Ferentz said. “They’ve got to be playing their best, because it’s only fair to assume they’re going to play their best.

That sounds like another word riddle game.

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