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American Idol adventure

Before I get into the heart of my first column, here is a little bit of background information about me. I graduated from Mount Ayr Community High School in 2008, and still live in Mount Ayr. In May, I graduated with an associate's degree in business from Southwestern Community College, and am currently taking online and night classes through Buena Vista University. In May 2014, I will graduate from BVU with a double major in business and accounting.

Now, for the rest of the story.

In July, I auditioned for American Idol, and didn't make it. But, that's OK. I wasn't auditioning because I felt I really needed to win. I was just auditioning. Just to see what it was all about.

I have to say if it wasn't for my brother, I probably wouldn't have auditioned at all. It was his idea for me to try out, and he told me if I found the closest city where auditions were being held, he would get me there. The nearest cities were Chicago, Ill., and Oklahoma City, Okla. Because this trip was going to be my vacation, Chicago won that battle, hands down.

The audition was nothing like I expected, or anything like it said it would be in the rules and regulations. There were no judges at these auditions, just producers of the show. Registration for the auditions started on July 10, and auditions were on July 12 at United Center in Chicago.

Registration took a whole five minutes. My sister registered with me because she was the person who was going to attend auditions with me (you could only have one person with you.) We were told to return on audition day at 5 a.m.

On audition day, we were put into sections, which basically looked like pens, outside United Center. Camera crews were randomly walking around the pens of people, telling them to sing and dance. So, you never know, my sister and I might be on TV.

Ryan Seacrest came at 8 a.m. and did filming for the show outside United Center. We were finally able to go inside the building, and more filming was done inside. At 10 a.m. the auditions started.

Eleven booths were set up, side by side, on the floor of United Center as approximately 10,000 people waited in their seats. They called us down by sections, starting with section 104. I was in section 113. Finally, I was able to audition around 2:30 p.m.

As we walked down the stairs toward the booths, crew members put us into groups of four. I was in a group with three other girls. They then directed us to one of the eleven booths. My group went to booth No. 4.

The producer then called our names by looking at the paperwork we had to fill out and give them. When the producer called your name, you took one step forward, sang until they told you to stop and then stepped back. I was able to sing one chorus of "Broken Wing" by Martina McBride before I was stopped.

There were people singing different songs on both sides of me in booths No. 3 and 5, and everyone in the stadium was talking. Let's just say it was difficult to hear myself, and hard to make sure I was on key. However, I am glad that I took the chance and did it. It was an experience I will never forget, and now I know what to expect if I audition again.

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