Construction of a new bus barn

From Jim Stalker • Creston |  I apologize for maybe jumping the gun a bit when I last wrote about moving the bus barn, although it was hard to imagine the original bus barn was in such horrible condition when the only visible damage was the loss of a little tin sheeting.

Not having gone through the details of running a school system and having to comply with seemingly idiotic rules and regulations regarding schools or any level that receives funding in some form, from the government, I may have been wrong to suggest that a building that was thrown together by volunteer labor and held strong since before the new high school was built, could be done once more, not by volunteers, but by professionals on the same location as before. I hope, at least, the doors, that were obviously not damaged by the storm, were saved to use again, when a new structure is finally decided upon and built, hopefully before winter strikes.

I don't know whether the current plan to acquire the AEA property is worth the effort the board is going through, when the property the schools are sitting on right now is large enough to place 10 bus barns on property that is already paid for. But again, I am not on the school board and not up on the compliance rules.