My take on politics as November approaches

I’d like to talk about politics this week, which I don’t often do. My mother always told me politics is one of about three topics not to bring up in public.

But, don’t worry, I won’t be getting too specific.

First, I want to make clear I’m not for a particular political party, but rather what and who is best for the county, state or country. I don’t care if the results come from a Democrat, Republican or Independent.

Second, I’m not for straight-ticket voting, in fact, that may be my least favorite decision made by voters. I think, personally, we should have all nonpartisan elections whereby voters go into the voting booth and they don’t know which candidate is affiliated with which party. This forces the voter do some research on the candidate, understand the candidates priorities and vision.

Third, I’ll only be voting for three, possibly four races this election season. I’ll be voting in the four-year Union County supervisor race between Lois Monday, Dennis Brown and Bob Brown, House of Representatives race between John Rose and Jack Drake and presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

I’m voting for sure on those races because I feel like I’ve done enough research and am educated enough to make an informed decision.

I’m voting for the next president based on two priorities: 1) which candidate will reduce our national debt (which has currently exceeded 16 trillion) in a safe, effective manner, and 2) which candidate will create the most jobs.

One last item, the one thing that stuck with me from last month’s candidate forum was a comment made by John Rose. In regard to crumbling roads and bridges, Rose suggested a raise in the gas tax unless someone could come up with a better solution. Rose said if we want things we have to pay for them. I agree with him.

In Rose’s ad, which is currently running in our newspaper, he’s running on the idea of pragmatism over ideology. Nobody wants high taxes whether it be property taxes, gas taxes, local taxes.

But, there comes a time where arithmetic prevails, and we either have to pay for what we want or go without it.

In the same respect, if we want to reduce the federal deficit, we can’t cut taxes for everyone.

I want to live in a county, state and country where voters do their homework and vote for candidates who will do the best job, not which party their aligned with.

And, I want to live in a county, state and country where the candidates/politicians make decisions, not based on what makes them electable, but what’s best for the people.


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