Groups for Romney?

From Dennis Gross


Vets for Romney... What?

First, I want to say I volunteered for the Army '70-'73 serving most of my time in Ethiopia. Vets, how can anyone vote for this guy? During the Nam war Romney supported, marched and demonstrated FOR the war, marched FOR the draft and then took four deferments. Three because he was in college and one he took using his Mormon religion. He then went to France as a missionary playing on a beach. Don't
get me wrong, as it is one thing to demonstrate against the war then not go, but for it then draft dodge it? Come on. None of the Romney's have served in any wars, but are FOR them. Mitt's five sons didn't volunteer for any of the Iraq or Afghanistan wars. None of the Repubs ever mentioned our troops at their convention once or even our disabled vets. Need I go farther to my fellow vets?

Women for Romney... So what do parents tell their daughters? Study hard, go to college, and you too can make 3/4 of the wages a man makes for doing the same job? When they ask why only 3/4 you tell them as Republicans it is a man's world and they are only worth that much. Republicans want to do away with the equal pay law, saying the man is the bread winner and for that reason they need more money.

No abortions under Republicans... So, heaven forbid, your daughter, wife, mother, etc., is brutally raped and impregnated. How do you explain to her she has to carry the baby full term with a charge of murder if it is aborted? A daily reminder of the terrible thing that happened for the rest of her life. Then, how many of these Republican men would stand beside her, pay her health care, raise it and look at the kid saying (like Santorum did) it is a "little gift from God?" Then, there too would be court(s) to decide if it was a "legitimate" rape. "Say on a scale of 1 to 10..." OMG. 32,100 women were impregnated during rape in one year ... that were reported.

Ann Romney ... I watched the GOP Convention with a lady saying "she is just like one of
us," after her speech. Well, if you have five boys at home, got her sicknesses and needed the best medical services she got you couldn't get them. Why? Because you don't have 250 million in the banks, at the least 20 million coming in yearly, plus mansions all over to mortgage, if needed. More likely you would have to take bankruptcy, your insurance would cancel you because you maxed out, and you would be on welfare for life, if you survived.

And finally to the Republican who says he is racist, but has the freedom of speech to say that, I served with all races and many religions from all over the USA. They served their country in time of war. But, I never ever once met a millionaire's kid and that was during the draft. So, if you counted on the Romney's to keep your freedoms ... well, you could have been speaking another language now and been shot for what you said. Also, President Obama didn't pick his name, but his parents did. Think about it. Thank a vet and forget the color of their skin.