Be an informed voter

From Karon Finn, Union County Democratic Central Committee secretary


Have you heard the ad from Mitt Romney? It says President Barack Obama is taking work requirements away from people who are on welfare. Never mind that aspects of the remarks are factually inaccurate.

Numerous independent fact-checkers have determined that Romney and his surrogates are distorting the facts.

The waivers President Obama approved for states would only allow them to drop the work requirements, if they can accomplish the same goals using different methods. These waivers were requested by both Republican and Democratic governors.

The waiver program is a response to concerns from state officials in both parties that the work requirements in the law are too rigid and create hurdles to actually placing welfare recipients in jobs.

Ron Haskins, a former Republican House committee aide, who was instrumental in the 1996 overhaul of the welfare program, says that the Romney claim that the president’s ruling will “gut welfare reform” is “very misleading.”

When you see or hear an ad, please check it out. My son who is a journalist says that has a great reputation for reporting whether a statement is true. Be an informed voter.