Reply to Barb Coenen, relocation of library

From Jean Ide


First of all, I want to say that the Creston Community is very lucky that you live here. You and your family have improved Creston so much and are always involved in many projects. Thank you.

As I read your letter about relocation of the library to Lincoln School, I am reminded of something one of my former bosses used to say to me when I would go into his office complaining that this or that needed to be changed. I soon learned that I shouldn’t complain UNLESS I HAD A SOLUTION. What is your solution to the lack of space at the library? The Board of Trustees made the decision to relocate based on the good condition of the Lincoln School, the building is city owned, there is enough space to satisfy the library’s needs for many years, and Lincoln School is centrally located.

The Creston library serves the entire county. There are no other public libraries in the county. Adair County has four libraries and their population is 7,527. Union County has a population of 12,545. Our library has the smallest square footage (7,831) of any of the libraries in the towns of Atlantic, Clarinda, Red Oak, Shenandoah and Winterset.

An example: The Board held their monthly meeting Oct. 2 at the library’s only meeting room. Our meetings are always open to the public, but sharing the meeting room with the board were two people on the computers and one gentleman working a crossword puzzle. Not a good situation for anyone. We need more space.