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My beliefs

Published: Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 10:29 a.m. CDT

From Richard E. Brammer


I was a civil engineer 33 years, I worked on 435 in K.C. 12 years as supervisor. I worked with many colored laborers and operators. I consider most of them good friends, one in particular (Cooper) is one of my best friends.

If it comes to a point that I have to give up my beliefs or take a bullet, I will take the bullet, but I will sure as hell go down fighting.

My dad named me, my grandpa named my dad, I still believe 100 percent the way they believed.

I wonder when or if Barack Hussein Obama changed his beliefs? Or does he believe the same as his nuttier than a fruitcake minister of 20 years taught him. The minister taught B.H.O., and the rest of the congregation to hate America. The way he closed many of his services was with these words, quote, "Remember never say God bless America, always say Goddamn America."

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