Use more conservative spending

From RM Tull


The county supervisors really will save us money when they put DHS offices to the courthouse to save us money. We need more conservative spending - concerns with our taxpayer's moneys.

Our school board spent five times the insurance re-embersement to imrpove track not needed till next April. What about bus barn? for buses? and repair barn? Put off waiting on AEA location – that is a bad location and will cost more to develop or did they spend that money, too?

I hope school board will not invest in the safe room gym – the gov funds – according to budget hearings – say we are in big trouble. Are we prepared for across-the-board cuts? Even last year gov programs lack funding – expenses, fuel – everything will continue to go up. We will need that money in reserve. What happens if Middle East explodes – fuel goes way up – we are already dealing with problems of inflation.