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Don’t fall for Romney’s circular arguments

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012 12:00 p.m. CDT

From Tim Ennis


Gov. Romney’s claims of leadership during his time as governor of Massachusetts ring hollow.

In the debates, Gov. Romney said the MA state legislature was more than 85 percent Democrats when Romneycare was passed. With that Democratic majority, he had no choice but cooperate and take credit. Now, Gov. Romney boasts that MA is the number one state for a quality school system and health-care system. The lesson is clear. Want progress, elect Democrats.

Romney’s etch-a- sketch approach that his advisor foretold is enough to make a chameleon blush. After defending Romneycare, he claims to be so compassionate that he would deny health-care coverage to 30 million Americans because they do not live in the number one Democratic state, MA. Gov. Romney now leads a political party that claims the government does not create jobs. I know Republicans with government jobs who believe this. Romney wants you to vote for him into the number one government job, so he will have the power of our government to create 12 million jobs.

Wow, Romney’s circular arguments defy logic and his fast footwork is dazzling. It is also baffling. Don’t fall for it.

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