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Club news

Published: Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 11:30 a.m. CDT

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Rebecca Circle

Rebecca Circle met Oct. 18 at the home of Midge Scurlock with eight members present.

Pam Richie opened the meeting with the DWF prayer. There was no secretary's report. Treasurer's report was given with no corrections.

Old business: Rebecca circle has been asked to clean the silver that is in the front hall.

New business: The December meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Dec. 13 with a potluck at the home of Mary Ann Lindsay.

Scurlock had the lesson on "Bad Girls of the Bible."

The next meeting will be 7 p.m. Nov. 15 at the home of Irene Francis.

The meeting closed with the DWF Benediction.

Refreshments were served by Scurlock.



The weekly Kiwanis meeting was held 12:05 p.m. Oct. 30 at The Windrow with 22 members and six guests. Brad Lorenzen president, presided. Jim Morris gave the prayer, and Jacki Steffen was finemaster.

The program was Creston Cub and Boy Scouts who discussed camping and adventure trips they go on with the money they earn and the club donates to them each year. The club also sponsored a participant for the key leader camp, who came and talked to the club.

Perfect attendance awards were presented to several members, but Ed Ritter had the top honor with 40 years of perfect attendance.

The weekly Kiwanis meeting was held 12:05 p.m. Tuesday at The Windrow with 24 members and six guests. Brad Lorenzen president, presided. Jamie Travis gave the prayer, and Korina Loudon was finemaster.

The program was Jamie Travis and Gary Wimmer with the youth tackle football program. They had a slide show of highlights of the recent season with the five Creston teams doing well in the championships.


Mary Circle

Mary Circle of First Christian Church met Oct. 25 at the home of Alice Bowers. Ten members were present.

President Pat Fils opened the meeting with a definition of what it means to be a Christian disciple of the DWF fellowship.

The secretary's report was read and approved.

The treasurer's report was read by Margaret Wilkins and also approved.

Old and new business was discussed also.

A thank you was read from the Sam Ketcham family.

Bowers gave the lesson on Potipher's wife.

The next meeting will be 2 p.m. Thursday at First Christian Church hosted by Averil Lyman. Florence Willets will give the lesson on Lot's wife.

The meeting was adjourned followed by desserts and refreshments.



Nancy McKay Harsh Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution met 9:30 a.m. Oct. 13 in the Richardson Conference Room at Greater Regional Medical Center.

Elaine Brown, Connie Kinkade, Bonnie Riepe and Lynn Schlaht performed a Readers Theater of the Mayflower crossing and landing in the New World. Each woman represented a real person who traveled on the Mayflower.

The meeting was called to order by Connie Kinkade, chapter regent. Members shared in reading the ritual.

Connie Kinkade welcomed guests. Laura Guhse was initiated as a new member of the chapter by Connie Kinkade and Cheryl Micetich.

Judith Wachter shared the president general's message. The president general shared the first meeting of the DAR was in 1890 and fell on Christopher Columbus Day. She explained DAR now has five blogs to post on as you wish.

Micetich shared the national defense report. Veterans Day is this month.

Roll call was answered by sharing a voting experience.

Jane Briley, secretary, read the minutes.

Bonnie Riepe gave the finance report. The group is close to raising $500 for the Lay light fundraiser. Riepe plans on sending it in about the first of the year. A bill was presented and approved.

Riepe reported a donation should be made soon for the Indian schools.

Pam Marvin shared information about the review of the bylaws.

Judith Wachter shared the Indian moment about Henry Owl.

Hazel Braby shared the conservation moment. Ask yourself before you throw something away: Can there be another use for it? Can someone else use that item?

Laura Guhse shared the Constitution moment.

Flag moment was given by Darlene Morgan. Be familiar with the flag code. This flag code can be purchased from the DAR website.

Theresa Bahniuk shared the preservation of relicts and information about the patriots is important. It is important to develop in young people patriotism and love of country.

Marvin shared protocol says that on the front cover of the yearbook the DAR insigna is prominently displayed and members should not write their name near the insignia on this or other programs or items that display. When attending a meeting where the state regent is in attendance, address her as madam state regent.

The women's issues moment on breast cancer was shared by Jerilyn Syfred.

Marjorie Kinkade shared the sunshine report. Edna Poston recently celebrated her 70th wedding anniversary.

Connie Kinkade reported on the district meeting. DAR will be making 50 goodie bags.

Bonnie Riepe moved to submit an application for a local social studies teacher of the year and the motion was seconded by Marjorie Kinkade. Paper work will be done to submit an application by Jane Briley. The motion carried. Marvin will receive the application by Nov. 15, since she is state history chairperson.

Gravemarkers have arrived. Dedications will begin in the spring.

Micetich recently won a trivia contest with all the information she has gained as a member of DAR.

Nancy McKay Harsh members worked to recognize the Constitution by promoting Constitution Week in their communities. Briley placed a Constitution Week window in Afton. Jan Morgan placed an article in the Fontanelle Observer, and Darlene Morgan placed an article in the Mount Ayr Record News. Morgan also took materials to a teacher at Mount Ayr who was teaching a unit on the Constitution. Hazel Braby placed an article in the Leon paper. Lynn Schlaht had a display in the Adel Library. Suzanne Frost created a display in Osceola. Charlotte Assell and Marvin put displays in the Chariton Library and had an article in the paper. Marjorie Kinkade placed an article in the paper in Creston. Posters were placed around town, and bookmarks were taken to middle-school students.

The next meeting will be 9:30 a.m. Saturday in the Richardson Conference Room at Greater Regional Medical Center. Hostesses will be Marjorie Kinkade, Jan Morgan and Bev Hargin. The program will be "The National Road" by Jane Briley.


Catholic Daughters

Catholic Daughters of the Americas met in the parish hall after Mass.

A supper was then served by the committee consisting of: Cyndy Bakerink, Ann Marie Kinsella, Kay Kinsella, Pat Pokorny and Iris Smith.

Regent Betty Baker led a prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes were read, and with a couple of corrections, were approved as read.

The treasurer's report was given. Jean Miller made a motion to approve this report, and Dora Coen seconded it.

The audit is ready to be signed. Those signing will be Pat Pokorny, Carol McKee and Jane Collins.

Old business: National CD of A Sunday was Oct. 21. CD of A members sat up front as a group and then went to the Knights of Columbus breakfast together.

Members will drop the $5 from the committee for suppers during meetings.

The bake sale will be Dec. 7 at BUNN. Snacks, rolls, cookies and any other donations are needed.

Volunteers are needed at the Rectory Rerun. Anytime you can give would be appreciated.

The meeting was adjourned with "Prayer to End Abortion."

The half-and-half was won by Retta Ripperger.

Carolyn Downing then gave a program on her trip to France.


TOPS 1338

TOPS 1338 met Oct. 29 at the First United Methodist Church with nine members weighing in. An anonymous member was the best loser, and Anna Thompson was runner-up. Two anonymous members were best loser and runner-up for the month of October.

Diana Loomis opened the meeting with a reading, "Take One Day at a Time."

There was no old business.

The group was advised Janice Walston will be a guest speaker Monday. Also, State Recoginition Day will be May 31, 2013, in Ames.

Loomis reported on the fall rally held Oct. 27 in Des Moines. She and Jane King represented the Creston chapter.

Squares was won by an anonymous member. The Diet-O contest continues. The Red Can Challenge is to call a TOPS member to be an encouragement. Darlene Rohrig is to have the next program.

The meeting adjourned with the closing TOPS pledge.

On Monday, TOPS 1338 chapter met with 11 members. One new member has been added to the club, giving a total of 14 members. Best loser for the week was Shellie Sullivan and runner-up was an anonymous member.

Loomis led the business meeting. The secretary's report was given by Anna Thompson and the treasurer's report by Alice Brown. Both were approved.

Squares was won by Jane King.

There will be no new contest until January.

Darlene Rohrig gave the program talking about breakfast excuses and eating one's way to a better skin.

The Red Can Challenge is to limit oneself to only one bread portion per day.

Next week's program will be given by Janice Walston of Bedford.

The TOPS pledge closed the meeting.

Anyone interested in joining TOPS is invited to be at the First United Methodist Church 5 p.m. Mondays. Several new members have recently joined and more are welcome to check out TOPS as a weight loss encouragement plan.


Ladies Lakeshore Auxiliary

Ladies Lakeshore Auxiliary met Wednesday.

Canasta winners were Connie Bailey, first; Darlene Rutherford, second; and Maxine May, third.

Mary Kline won the door prize.

Loretta Kelly will be hostess for cards and chatter Wednesday, Nov. 14.

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