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Finally the election season is over for a while

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Take down the yard signs, plug the phone back in, and finally we can get back to normal for a while.

I don't know about you, but I've had enough of all the campaigning. I think I have a case of "voter fatigue."

The $2 billion spent on campaigns this election season was a little too much. The constant phone calls to do polls was really getting annoying. All the TV ads were making me kind of mean with all the negativity they put forth.

Now, if we just need to get some of the folks who where elected to work together to get us somewhere down the road without putting us in the ditch!

Our politicians have a lot of things they need to get done before this nation can move forward in a positive way, let's just hope they are up to the task.

Two weeks

It's hard to believe that two weeks from today we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. The holiday comes early this year.

The way the weather is holding we may be in for some good weather and none of that "white stuff." It makes it easier to get to grandmother's house if you don't have to use the four-wheel drive.

Just feel glad we don't live out on the East coast. Those poor folks are getting the short end of the stick right at the moment.

Veterans Day

This Sunday is Veterans Day, although a lot of folks are celebrating it as a Monday holiday. As usual, it's a wonderful time to give thanks and salute all the folks who have served our country now and over the years.

It would be nice if someday we could get the majority of our troops back on U. S. soil.

Thanks to all our vets.


Next Tuesday is the annual Creston Chamber of Commerce banquet. The Citizen of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Student of the Year will be presented at that time. It is always a wonderful event and good way for folks to network.

Also, next Tuesday is the honors banquet at SWCC for all the donors and recipients of scholarships. It's a good way for the students to meet the people who help finance part of their education.


The annual SWCC athletic fund raiser is next Friday. The event is always a good time.

The auction always has lots of good items for sale. Many times they have several autographed items from some of your favorite sports heroes. Tickets are $25, which includes dinner and are available at SWCC.


The fall harvest looks like it is coming to a conclusion.

The warm weather and dry conditions have made it pretty easy for the farm folks to get their crops out this year. The early harvest gives the farmers a little more time to get ready for next year!


It's hard to believe it is pheasant hunting season already. It is suppose to be around 70 degrees on Saturday. You could almost be hunting in your shorts!

I've heard there seems to be more birds around this year than the past few. I haven't heard of anybody limiting out, but at least hunters report seeing birds and bagging a few along the way.


There is a building frenzy going on out on Townline Street with both condo units being rebuilt next to the hospital. It will be nice to see the two big units back filling in the vacant lots. With any luck the units will be done this winter.

Thought for the week: God helps them that help themselves. — Benjamin Franklin, 1757

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