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Thoughts on proposed hog confinement

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012 11:20 a.m. CDT

From Jim Stalker


My heart goes out to the directly affected people who live close to the proposed hog confinement project. Indirectly, more of us, including probably people living within the Creston city limits, will also be affected by the insidious odors emanating from these confinements.

The decision was made by the DNR to allow the confinements to be built and the county decided it would not be feasible to further challenge their decision based on the county's limited grounds to pursue an appeal. For the greater good, the county's response was correct.

The DNR's mission, operating under 75 diverse job classifications, is to protect the general populous. I repeat, protect the general populous, while administering the dozens of programs set down by the state and federal government. Unfortunately, during that complicated process, the primary mission statement of protecting the general populous gets lost. Such is the problem ranging over most of the country today.

I suspect the solution sits in the lap of the people that "we the people" elected to public office. The politicians, state and federal, are not doing the jobs we elected them to do. Instead, they have honed the art of designating their duties and responsibilities, to other people, other departments, such as the Department of Natural Resources. After all, for the politicians to take on the jobs they created directly for the programs they passed would be political suicide, and they are not about to infringe on the perks and salary adjustments they have written into law for themselves, that cannot be touched, challenged or changed by "we the people."

Based on the county's decision to not get into a costly but losing battle with the DNR ruling, the law is written that the general populous, on an individual basis, is not allowed to further protest these decisions. The power of the people stops right here and without further voice. How sad.

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