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Honorees provide inspiration at Chamber banquet

I work in a business where headlines about controversy, heartache and disagreement take up more space on our front page and get more attention than headlines promoting good news.

But, there are opportunities for us to write stories about success, and last week I had an opportunity to tell a success story to CNA readers.

Jim and Rhonda Giles were named Creston's Volunteers of the Year at the annual Creston Chamber of Commerce banquet last week. I was excited to interview them because I've known them since I was old enough to remember people.

Rhonda was a teacher at I Think I Can Daycare Center's after-school program at Lincoln School. I played Connect Four, Checkers, Uno and my favorite board game Aggravation with Rhonda and other kids at the daycare.

She once showed me a trick in multiplying nines that I still use today. (Examples: 9x2, add zero to make it 20, then subtract 2, equals 18; 9x3, add zero to make it 30, subtract 3, equals 27, etc.) And, while that's the one thing that sticks with me, I'm sure there are countless other things Rhonda and Judy Hulett taught me in that after-school program I still use everyday.

The older I get the more appreciative and thankful I'm becoming of those people who helped me in my childhood, and I'm also appreciative of those people in this community who continue to make this place a better place to live.

Sitting at the chamber banquet last week watching Jim and Rhonda, John Kawa and Gary Borcherding and Emma Johnson receive their awards, it was again inspiring what one person, a couple or small group can accomplish.

Sitting at the chamber banquet reminded me that among all the negative headlines locally, statewide and nationally, there are still people out there working day in and day out to make their community a better place and to be the reason for us to write the next good news headline across the front of the CNA.


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