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Obama's programs, media coverup

Published: Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013 11:00 a.m. CDT

From Dave Larson


All of the internal strife in this nation can be directly attributed to Obama's programs. Obama and the Democrat party have worked for years to create three classes of people, the lower class, the welfare and professional unemployed, the takers in other words. The middle class, the working people, raising the families, paying the taxes supporting this country, and the upper class, the employers of the middle class. Whenever there is a class system, there is always class envy. They (the government) wants this class envy environment because it takes the focus off of what they are doing, all of this is facilitated by the NEWS Media covering up and cleaning up after Obama's messes.

A few years ago, the news media was about to file for bankrupts because people weren't buying the newspaper for their news or watching the 6:00 news, then about that same time the stimulus money came into the game, after Obama was through buying car companies he still had some money left, where did it go? Well, a person doesn't need a degree in rocket science to figure this out.

No. 1 Our ambassador and three guards were killed, while there is military reinforcement 30 minutes away, Obama tells the commander to stand down, in other words, let them die. Are there any questions asked? NO; the news Media covers it up, and makes a trip to the bank with a big fat check.

No. 2 Two federal agents are killed on the boarder by Mexican drug dealers, killed with guns given them by Obama's gun program, are there any questions? NO; the news media again covered it up.

No. 3 Now we have a presidential election stolen by just enough votes to make it legal but not so many that it would raise a suspicious eye, any questions asked? NO; again a cover up and a trip to the bank with a big fat check.

No. 4 Then with his pen, the president makes a executive decision to steal billions from the Medicare fund, I wonder if it is another payment to the news media for cleaning up after his programs. It's not difficult to see a pattern developing here, and all the while the American taxpayers are paying for this.

What is it going to take for the American people to see what this administration is doing. Wake up America the Socialist/Communist are coming, we already have one in the White House.

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