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The next step: Parenthood

While visiting with my cousin Brett during Christmas, I saw myself in him.

Christmas dinner was at his parents house in Stanton, and we were sitting on their living room sectional talking about his upcoming wedding. We conversed about a number of things — the venue, wedding party, catering, music selections.

The wedding will be held in June in North Dakota, where they currently reside, and he's having my younger brother Korey play and sing a song at the reception written by his mother. Stormy Lee and I won't be able to attend.

I say, I saw myself in him because it wasn't that long ago — less than two years — that I, too, was helping my wife plan a wedding. I'll admit planning it, at times, was stressful. But, planning that wedding, then properly going through the process of purchasing our first home forced me to "grow up."

Then, you really grow up when you're about to have your first child.

That's where Stormy Lee and I are right now. Two Saturdays ago we got a close-up, 3D view of our little girl inside Stormy Lee's tummy. She was in there kicking and punching like a UFC fighter.

That moment, seeing our little 6-ounce girl in there so alive and active, was instant happiness. I was about to be a father. It sunk in.

In the days following, I wondered what she'll look like and what her interests will be. Will she be musically inclined? Will she play softball? I'd love that. Will she run track like Stormy? I don't think CHS track coach Clay Arnold would mind that.

When will she start liking boys? Never?

Those are questions and conversations Stormy and I have had dozens of times already, but at the same time I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. We've got about 23 weeks remaining and I'm going to try and enjoy each moment from kick No. 1 (which should be coming any day now) to delivery.

Like anyone, I just pray for a healthy and happy mother and baby come June.


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