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Middle school wrestling

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013 10:57 a.m. CDT

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Creston meet

Creston/O-M middle school wrestlers won 33 matches and lost 15 in action here Jan. 31 against West Central Valley (Stuart, Corning and Winterset.

Quest Brown (WC) pinned Connor Callison (COM), 2:37; Cade Vicker (COM) pinned Addison Bull (Cor), :39; Jace Petersen (Cor) pinned Sam Bass (Win), :55; Austin Jerome (Clar) pinned Trey Cheers (COM), 1:48; Gage Clay (WC) pinned Mason Kinsella (COM), 2:25; Trevor Marlin (COM) pinned Tyler Flowers (Cor), 1:25; Brody Frain (COM) dec. Nick Whitman (Win), 5-3; Grant Riley (Cor) pinned Jace Morganstern (Clar), 1:50; Justin Smith (Win) dec. Demitrius Campbell (COM), 4-2 OT; Logan Calkins (Cor) pinned Noah Cook (Clar), 1:21; Kolten Phipps (COM) pinned Dallas Latham (Clar), 1:46; Isaiah Foster (COM) pinned Spencer Calkins (Cor), 1:22; Austin Gutknecht (Clar) pinned Chance Cobb (Cor), 3:40.

Treston Gigger (Clar) dec. Brett Schafroth (Cor), 5-0; Merik Gaule (Cor) pinned Alan Wallace (WC), :21; Colton Bolinger (COM) pinned Dylan Thompson (Win), 2:43; Jackson MIkkelsen (COM) dec. Josh Smith (Win), 11-5; Evan Skelton (Corn) dec. Cody Hansen (WC), 10-6; Kolby Tomas (COM) pinned Marcus Middleton (Clar), 1:44; Chase Shiltz (COM) pinned Bryce Newton (Corn), :07; Clayton Carson (Clar) pinned Andy Seal (Corn), 1:33; Cody Tanner (COM) pinned Scott Palmer (Corn), :26; Blake Sevier (COM)dec. Michael Eddy (WC), 0-0, tiebreaker 2; Tom Steinback (COM) pinned Carsen Schneller (WC), 3:28.

Connor Callison (COM) dec. Bryner Gibson (Win), 6-3; Cade Vicker (COM) pinned Brodee Means (Clar), 1:08; Blake Binns (Win) pinned Addison Bull (Cor), 1:35; Jace Petersen (Cor) pinned Trey Cheers (COM), 1:20; Trevor Marlin (COM) dec. Dakota Foster (Clar), 10-4; Teagen Smith (Win) pinned Brad Boyer (COM), :56; Tyler Flowers (Cor) pinned Mason Kinsella (COM), :47; Gage Clay (WC) dec. Taylor Kuhn (Cor), 7-2; Brody Frain (COM) pinned Tristin Winfred (WC), 1:56; Grant Riley (Cor) major dec. Riley Byrns (WC), 11-1; Logan Calkins (Cor) dec. Demitrius Campbell (COM), 4-3; Payton Price (Clar) dec. Isaiah Foster (COM), 8-5; Spencer Calkins (Cor) pinned Dallas Ltham (Clar), 1:34; Austin Gutknecht (Clar) pinned Kolten Phelps (COM), 2:49.

Jalen Kleemir (Win) pinned Brett Schafroth (Cor), 3:49; Alan Wallace (WC) pinned Seth Steinback (COM), :59; Jackson Mikkelsen (COM) dec. Dylan Thompson (Win), 5-0; Colton Bolinger (COM) pinned Evan Skelton (Cor), :52; Kolby Tomas (COM)pinned Jackson Smith (WC), :45; Chase Shiltz (COM) pinned Jordan Pruitt (WC), 1:45; Riley Algreen (WC) pinned Andy Seal (Corn), 1:47; Kadon Hulett (COM) pinned Carsen Schneller (WC), 2:12; Tom Steinback (COM) pinned Scott Palmer (Corn), 1:29.

Connor Callison (COM) major dec. Brady Sheets (Win), 9-0; Cade Vicker (COM)major dec. Blake Binns (Win), 12-2; Addison Bull (Cor) pinned Brodee Means (Clar), 1:21; Austin Jerome (Clar) pinned Jace Petersen (Cor), 1:55; Teagen Smith (Win) pinned Trevor Marlin (COM), 2:56; Dakota Foster (Clar) major dec. Brad Boyer (COM), 16-7; Gage Clay (WC) pinned Tyler Flowers (Corn), 3:28; Mason Kinsella (COM) pinned Taylor Kuhn (Corn), 1:20; Brody Frain (COM) pinned Tyrone Williams (WC), 2:42; Nick Whitman (Win) dec. Tristin Winfred (WC), 5-0; Kyle Hubby (Win) pinned Grant Riley (Cor), 1:44; Justin Smith (Win) dec. Logan Calkins (Cor), 4-0; Demitrius Campbell (COM) dec. Noah Cook (Clar), 5-0; Payton Price (Clar) tech fall Spencer Calkins (Cor), 17-2; Isaiah Foster (COM) pinned Dallas Latham (Clar), :32.

Chance Cobb (Cor) major dec. Kolten Phelps (COM), 9-0; Merik Gaule (Cor) pinned Seth Steinback (COM), 1:59; Dylan Thompson (Win) pinned Evan Skelton (Corn), 1:35; Colton Bolinger (COM) pinned Josh Smith (Win), 2:31; Jackson Mikkelsen (COM) major dec. Cody Hansen (WC), 13-1; Kolby Tomas (COM) pinned Parker Maynes (Win), 1:04; Jordan Pruitt (WC) pinned Bryce Newton (Corn), 1:30; Dartanyen Adkinson (Win) pinned Andy Seal (Corn), :48; Carsen Schneller (WC) pinned Scott Palmer (Corn), 1:24; Tom Steinback (COM) pinned Michael Eddy (WC), 2:34.

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