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It appears I have stuck my foot in my mouth

Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 9:17 a.m. CDT

From Jim Stalker


Once again, it appears I have stuck my foot in my mouth, as often happens with people who write letters to the editor, writing on emotion and not facts. As was pointed out to me by one of our school board members, superintendents in Creston are not given a credit card to use personally. They are given a card to use to and fro, for school activities if they are caught in emergency situations in another town. For instance, a school bus breakdown. Certainly, that is not personal and I apologize for my implication of such.

I also implied that he is given a new car to drive, when probably he only has access to the school cars. This statement I also do not know for a fact. As for the extra perks, the insurance and social memberships? That is probably true to some extent.

I did not attack the Creston System, but I did lean in that direction. As a letter writer of some years, I also read what other people have to say. There is a lot of poison tossed onto the public’s eyes and ears, and we should not believe everything we hear or think we hear.

Personally, I don’t think we needed to hire a firm and pay them $6,000 to help pick our new superintendent. We elect our board members because we think they will do the best job for the district. We think they are qualified and when it comes to hire or fire, they can handle the job. Hiring anyone is a “crapshoot” anyway. Sometimes you get a good one and sometimes you don’t. Hiring an outside firm will not change that fact.

In retrospect, if I’ve insulted anyone, intentionally lied to your readership, I apologize, that was not my intent.

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