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A little green grass to go with St. Pat's Day would be nice

This Sunday is St. Patrick's Day.

Not only is there the wearing of the green, but I wouldn't mind seeing some green grass along the way too!

I think winter has lasted long enough. We could use some good warm weather.

The first day of spring is less than a week away, and you sure couldn't tell it by the thermometer and all the white stuff hanging around the ground. That darn groundhog sure didn't get his prediction right this year. We've got an extra six weeks of winter this year, but we are not the only ones.

My friends in Arizona have been getting some cooler-than-usual weather, also. In fact, in the mountains above Phoenix they had about 15 inches of snow last week. So much for global warming!

I'm guessing a lot of folks will be out celebrating St. Patrick's Day on Saturday.


"Oz The Great and Powerful" is playing now in Creston. I took in the movie this past week, and it gets a two thumbs up in my book. The movie is about two hours long, but moves along at a good clip.

Tax stuff

We are about a month away from Tax Day. You know, April 15, that day you dread if you owe more taxes. According to my accountant, the government has made it tough on people this year by not starting to take returns until the end of January.

If you e-file your return and have it direct deposited into your account, according to the IRS, you should have your refund in about seven to 10 days.


I see the Hostess folks have sold their bankrupt Twinkie division. With any luck, we may be back in Twinkies and cupcakes by early this summer. The same company that bought Pabst Blue Ribbon (John Kawa's favorite beer) is buying the Hostess division. I'm sure the ones people bought last November before they went out of business are still good!


I see the president of the United States in an interview with George Stephanopoulos said "the national debt is no big deal."

Now I know I may not be as smart as some politicians, but I'm smart enough to know that $16 trillion in debt and growing is nothing to sneeze at.

The usual Washington thinking — it doesn't matter what happens on my watch, let somebody else worry about it later. They need to fire all 536 of the folks on Capitol Hill and start over. Even a couple of my Democratic friends wonder what the president is thinking!

Two days

It only took the cardinals two days to get a new pope. I just wish the presidential elections could be over that fast.


It's good to see the Dairy Queen back open. We had several people in the office go out the first day it was open and get a blizzard since they had to go without for two months.

That's the ice cream kind, not the snow kind! I'd rather have the ice cream kind over the snow kind any day.


Des Moines is hosting the NCAA wrestling tournament next weekend. The event is a sell out. I believe they are still looking for volunteers to help put on the tournament if you have time to spare. Just about every room is booked in Des Moines and the surrounding area for the event.

Thought for the week: Cooperation is doing with a smile what you have to do anyway. — Anonymous

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