Panthers fifth at Trojan Invitational

Published: Monday, April 29, 2013 11:38 a.m. CDT • Updated: Monday, April 29, 2013 11:52 a.m. CDT

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The Creston/O-M boys tennis team tied Shenandoah for fifth place in an eight-team field at the Atlantic Trojan Tournament Saturday.

The event was held in Red Oak since Atlantic courts are under remodeling.

Garret Taylor and Adam Bochart finished first in No. 2 doubles to score eight team points. The doubles duo of Colby Taylor and Bryce McIlravy took third place to score six points. Ryan Cook and Logan Angelo each placed eighth.

“It was a great day for Garret and Adam,” said Creston coach Kevin Cooper. “They have been playing well together and that showed today. They were in control of all their matches from beginning to end.”

The only loss by Taylor and McIlravy came to the talented duo of state-meet veteran Pete Walker and Red Oak teammate Tanner Johnson.

“It was good for Colby and Bryce to get out there and face some solid competition,” Cooper said. “Since they don’t seed the tournament, Colby and Bryce got unlucky and drew the best team in the tournament in round two.”

Cooper said Cook did a good job of competing, being asked to play No. 1 singles as the usual No. 6 singles player for the Panthers. He faced three No. 1 players from their respective teams.

It was Angelo’s varsity debut over the weekend, and Cooper praised the senior’s effort, scoring three points in his final match against Shenandoah’s Ryan Niccoli.

On Friday, the Creston/O-M boys and girls took on Osceola Clarke. The Panther boys prevailed, 7-2, while the girls fell in a tight match, 5-4.

“It was a good win for our boys,” Cooper said. “They are a good team and are well-coached.”

The Clarke girls won the top four singles matches and hung on for the 5-4 victory. Freshmen Caitlin McIlravy and Jenna Taylor won singles matches for the Panthers, and the doubles team of Amy Dunphy and Ashley Harris won 8-3 at No. 2 doubles.

“It was a close match. We had some very competitive matches and felt like we could have won the meet,” Cooper said. “Our doubles teams played well and had great placement throughout their matches.”

Today the Creston girls travel to Red Oak, while the boys host the Tigers at the SWCC courts at 4:30 p.m.


Atlantic Trojan Invitational

Team scoring — 1. (tie) Red Oak 25 and C.B. Abraham Lincoln 25; 3. Atlantic 20; 4. D.M. Lincoln 17; 5. (tie) Creston/O-M 16 and Shenandoah 16; 7. Carroll Kuemper 14; 8. Glenwood 11.

No. 1 doubles — Colby Taylor-Bryce McIlravy (Cr) def. Ben Hicks-Robby Steffes (CK), 6-2, 6-2; Pete Walker-Tanner Johnson (RO) def. Taylor-McIlravy (Cr), 6-0, 6-2; Taylor-McIlravy (Cr) def. Bradley Young-Kyle Fischer (Shen), 0-6, 7-5, 1-0 (11-9 tiebeaker) for third place.

No. 2 doubles — Garret Taylor-Adam Bochart (Cr) def. Justin Fisher-Cole Peckham (Glen), 6-0, 6-2; Taylor-Bochart (Cr) def. Nick Podhaksky-Blake Meneely (Atl), 6-3, 6-2; Taylor-Bochart (Cr) def. Geoff Sellers-Austin Streicher (RO), 6-1, 6-4 for first place.

No. 1 singles — Tyler Fischer (Atl) def. Ryan Cook (Cr), 6-3, 6-0; Jacob Holmes (Shen) def. Cook (Cr), 6-2, 6-2; Joe Gunkleman (Glen) def. Cook (Cr), 8-1, for seventh place.

No. 2 singles — Sam Wilder (AL) def. Logan Angelo (Cr) 6-0, 6-1; Adam Wieser (Atl) def. Angelo (Cr), 6-2, 6-0; Ryan Niccoli (Shen) def. Angelo (Cr), 8-3, for seventh place.

Creston/O-M 7, Clarke 2

Singles — Colby Taylor (Cr) def. Colin Morris (Clk), 10-7; Bryce McIlravy (Cr) def. Jared Jamison (Clk), 11-9; Garret Taylor (Cr) def. Yahia Aly (Clk), 10-3; Adam Bochart (Cr) def. Johannes Zehnter (Clk), 10-6; Ryan Cook (Cr) def. Jacob Redman (Clk), 10-7; Ali Aly (Clk) def. Logan Angelo (Cr), 10-6.

Doubles — C. Taylor-McIlravy (Cr) def. Morris-Jamison (Clk), 10-5; G. Taylor-Bochart (Cr) def. Y. Aly-Redman (Clk), 10-2; Zehnter-A. Alyh (Clk) def. Cook-Angelo (Cr), score not available.

JV doubles — Rodrigo Mayorga-Holden Hewitt (Clk) def. Ryan Kucera-Austin Hurt (Cr), 4-2; Trevor Kirkpatrick-Taylor Ehrhardt (Clk) def. Daniel Scott-Chance Davidson (Cr), 4-0; Tyler Waddingham-Kucera (Cr) def. Matt Sebek-Terence Havlik (Clk), 4-3; Daniel Scott-Davidson (Cr) def. Adam Smith-Lenin Lopez (Clk), 4-1.

Singles records — Davidson 1-0; Kucera 2-0; Scott 1-1; Waddingham 0-1; Hurt 0-2.


Clarke 5, Creston/O-M 4

Singles — Kylar McCann (Clk) def. Audrey Fyock (Cr), 8-2; Libby Bemis (Clk) def. Emma Johnson (Cr), 8-1; Tracy Morgan (Clk) def. Amy Dunphy (Cr), 8-5; Kacey Klemesrud (Clk) def. Ashley Harris (Cr), 8-5; Caitlin McIlravy (Cr) def. Macey Snell (Clk), 9-7; Jenna Taylor (Cr) def. Rachel Simpson (Clk), 8-0.

Doubles — McCann-Bemis (Clk) def. Fyock-Johnson (Cr), 8-4; Dunphy-Harris (Cr) def. Morgan-Klemesrud (Clk), 8-3; McIlravy-Taylor (Cr) def. Snell-Simpson (Clk), 8-0.

JV doubles — Alli Thomsen-Sydney Dunphy (Cr) def. Sofia Contreras-Dania Echereste (Clk), 6-1; Gracie Russell-Angela Sorensen (Cr) def. Sofia Contreras-Dania Echereste (Clk), 6-2; Danielle Funderman-Ann Waigand (Cr) def. Sofia Contreras-Dania Echereste (Clk), 7-5.

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