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Education should not be a part of political game

Published: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 11:20 a.m. CDT

From Jim Stalker


My wife was a teacher of 35 plus years, and she went through many changes in the way administrators and legislators wanted teachers to teach. There was always a new technique to be tried. In the end, after all the new gimmicks were tried, it was the tried and true veteran teacher who was able to teach the children to learn to read and spell, and then write correctly. All this was accomplished with workbooks and paper. Some of the process by thinking and some by memorization.

Today, this would be called “old school,” but it worked then, and it could work again, if only legislators would pull their heads out of things they know nothing about and allow the old school process to work. Some would say, “This is the new world, and we can’t go back to the way we used to do things.” I say “bull puckey!” We can and should! If itworked then, we should have never dropped it.

I say again, legislators need to back off, forget about percentage points and how we fare nationwide. Education should not be a part of the political game!

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