Give your mom a big hug and a thank you this Sunday

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s a wonderful day to say “Thank you” to good ole mom for all the wonderful things she has done for you over the years.

If your mom has left this earth, you can always give a little shout out to her up above.

My mom is 78 years “young” and is still moving along pretty well. She still is going strong doing her VFW Auxiliary work and still volunteers for many of the veterans events over in Lincoln. One of her pride and joys is growing pumpkins every year. She likes to do the different colored ones like white and blue along with the traditional orange.

I get the honor of cooking dinner for my wife this weekend. I can foresee a large T-bone or porterhouse making an appearance on my grill Sunday.

So, all you moms have a great day with your kids, grandkids and loved ones this weekend.


Speaking of a good T-bone, I see the beef prices just set an all-time record this past week. I warned you about six months ago that beef was going to go way up in price! Well, last Friday it hit a record and doesn’t look like the price will be coming down very soon. In fact, it may be a year or more before it gets any better.

The weather and $7 corn are making it kind of tough on beef eaters.

Also, I see the local hay crop is getting a little pricey, also. I understand some of the bales of hay at the sale barn last week went for more than $300 a bale. Because of the weather, a lot of pastures have not gotten up to speed this spring.

Also, I see even Tyson Foods had a rough first quarter because of people switching to chicken instead of beef. Their beef sales where down 4 percent in the first quarter. But even the price of chicken is going up.

More up

I see the gas prices are beginning to creep back up with the local price now back to more than $3.50 a gallon. It amazes me the amount of driving is down, and we have more gas availability than we ever have had, and the price still goes up.

Somebody needs to explain the economics of that to me.


The parade of graduations begins on Friday with SWCC leading the way.

The high school graduations get started in the next couple of weeks to follow. The graduation parties are already in full swing with many that have already happened.

May 18

Armed Forces day is Saturday, May 18. It’s another chance to say “Thanks” to all the folks who serve our country.


I would guess the main part of the drought is over with all the snow and rain we have received over the past month. I know my sump pump has been working pretty much nonstop for the past three weeks.

A lot of the lakes and ponds are starting to get filled back up.

Now if the moisture would stop for a week and let the farmers back into the fields. It’s a different story this year compared to last. Lots of folks had the majority of their crops in by April 1. It may be June 1 this year before the majority of the crops are in the ground.

Thoughts for the week: A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go. — Unknown

All mother’s are working mothers. — Unknown

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