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Disruption in building Creston bus barn

Published: Thursday, June 20, 2013 8:34 a.m. CDT • Updated: Thursday, June 20, 2013 9:05 a.m. CDT

A wrench has been thrown in the discussion of the Creston School District bus barn.

"Additional information has been provided to me," said Chuck Scott, Creston interim superintendent. "The city has an ordinance that if you build new construction, they really want everything under the roof. Nothing sits outside."

The ordinance states that governmental and public utility buildings and structures used for the general welfare of the community are permitted provided that equipment is enclosed and there is no outside storage.

This is a new development because when the school district got permission from the city to build at the former Green Hills Area Education (AEA) site, located at North Lincoln Street, "no mention was ever made of anything being parked outside," said Kevin Kruse, city of Creston public works director.

"Our building design isn't large enough to accomodate all the vehicles that we own or service," said Scott. "I think we're back to, what are the wishes of the board, and which way would you like us to proceed?"


Questions were raised about the different locations and whether buses can be outside at the original site.

"If we go back to the old site, do we have to have everything still under one building?" said Boardmember Rick Fyock.

Boardmember Rich Flynn said it only applies to the new location.

"On the condition that we use (the new site), the main thing they are concerned about is some kind of temporary or permanent storage-type thing," Flynn said. "One example was if we were to take an old bus, take the wheels off of it, set it on blocks and use it for storage. That's not allowed. But, if you have a bus that is operable, that will be moved, maybe daily, maybe every other day, there's not a problem leaving that particular bus outside."

Kruse said it would not be a problem if there was a bus parked outside overnight because of daily use, as long as it was a temporary situation.

Flynn also said if the new building is erected at the Lincoln Street site, and buses need to be stored outside, they can be parked at the original site.

"There's another alternative that if we want something that is fenced in, we can take them back to the original bus barn that has a bull pen that we can lock up," Flynn said. "I don't see where the condition we use and the parking outside is going to be a problem for us."

Flynn motioned to table further bus barn discussion until the board got more information concerning the ordinance and location of the building. Until then, comparisons will be made between the former AEA site, where the bus barn was voted to go, and west of the original site, one location that was considered and turned down.


The bus barn was destroyed in a tornado that hit Creston April 14, 2012. Since then, discussion has been ongoing about rebuilding the bus barn in either its original location behind the high school, or the former AEA site. The AEA building that sat on the Lincoln Street site was also destroyed by the tornado.

"We knew that (the bus barn) would be east to west, one level," said Scott. "We also knew that it would probably be more expensive to build there (at the former AEA site) at one level versus at the existing site. And I think we came back, was it May, and a decision was made that we would have a two-level building at the AEA site going east and west."

The decision to place the bus barn at the former AEA site, where the Green Hills AEA building sat before the tornado, was based on many different factors, including infrastructure and safety.

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