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Come on, Creston

Published: Thursday, July 25, 2013 11:16 a.m. CDT

From Jim Stalker


Come on, Creston! Let’s show the rest of the world what we’ve got! Let’s show them a vibrant downtown/uptown area that can take the past with reverence and hold on to itwith a vibrant positive outlook toward the future!

Words ... just words! I know what some of you are thinking. “Our best has come and gone and it is what it is.” And, you may also be thinking, “There’s that blowhard book guy, blowing off steam again.” Yeah, well, that’s me! What I’m unable to do in a crowd, I try to do in a letter.

Most of you know I run The Bookstore. It is a store affected negatively by the electronics of convenience. In my case, it is partly the electronic books. But, that is not all. We are all affected by “people trends.” People seem to have drifted from the older business sections of towns to the fringes of old towns, to the major shopping conglomerates in the cities, and lest we forget, to the “big box” stores of all size towns and cities. Left behind are the older business sections; the downtowns, as they were once called.

But all is not lost. Some towns are coming back. Some, helped by a city square, some because they’ve specialized their offerings like Creston is moving toward. One of the problems with our downtown is our isolation from the rest of the faster moving traffic patterns. We are an island surrounded by a sea of residential housing. Our salvation, as retailers know, is to specialize, which we have done.

It is my contention, since I have moved in that direction, that we need more antique shops. Drawing from a huge contingent of those who buy, sell and collect, we could become a destination point for thousands upon thousands of potential customers. Opening up Adams Street residential to Highway 25 for light service and retail would also boost the downtown. But that’s just my opinion!

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