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Open class baked goods exhibited at Union County Fair

Published: Friday, Aug. 2, 2013 11:05 a.m. CST

The following are results from the 2013 Union County Fair open class baked goods show.

Division I: Bread and Rolls

White Bread - Yeast - Standard: Kay Ritter, first; Carolyn Hubatka, second.

Whole Wheat Bread - Yeast - Standard: Ben Mullin, first; Kay Ritter, second.

Oatmeal Bread - Standard: Ben Mullin, first; Carolyn Hubatka, second.

Rye Bread - Standard: Kay Ritter, first.

White Rolls - 6-9: Kay Ritter, first; Opal Moffitt, second; Carolyn Hubatka, third.

Cinnamon Rolls - Unfrosted - 6-9: Janice Fain, first; Kay Ritter, second.

Sticky Rolls - Unfrosted - 6-9: Kay Ritter, first; Janice Fain, second; Ben Mullin, third.

Quick Bread - Standard: Barbara Moore, first; Janice Fain, second; Jean Weishaar, third.

Muffins - Any Kind - Standard - 6: Diane Smith, first; Kay Ritter, second; Janice Fain, third.

Misc. - Note listed above: Carolyn Hubatka, first; Karen Loudon, second; Ben Mullin, third.

Bread Machine: Carolyn Hubatka, first; Emily Akkermann, second.

Division II: Cakes

Chocolate - Unfrosted: Janice Fain, first; Carolyn Hubatka, second; Kay Ritter, third.

Angel - Unfrosted: Janice Fain, first.

Cupcake - Unfrosted 3: Carolyn Hubatka, first.

Gourmet Cupcake - Edible Decor 3: Carolyn Hubatka, first.

Misc. - Not listed above: Karen Loudon and Janice Fain, first place tie.

Division III: Youth Ages 10-15 Single Entry Not Entered in Other Division

Cupcakes - Unfrosted 4 regular or 8 small: Taylor Friend, first; Tyler Loudon, second.

Sugar Cookies - Unfrosted - 4: Taylor Friend, first.

Quick Bread - Nonyeast - Standard: Taylor Friend, first.

Fudge - 4 pieces: Taylor Friend, first.

Bar Cookies - 4: Taylor Friend, first.

Drop Cookies - 4: Taylor Friend, first.

Muffins - 4 regular or 8 small: Taylor Friend, first.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - 4: Taylor Friend, first; Sarah King, second.

Formed Cookies - 4: Taylor Friend, first.

Peanut Butter Cookies - 4: Taylor Friend, first.

Any Baked Cookies Not Listed - 4: Taylor Friend, first.

No-Bake Cookies - 4: Taylor Friend, first.

Division IV: Cookies, Six on a Plate

Chocolate Chip - Drop: Kay Ritter, first; Carolyn Hubatka, second; Janice Fain, third.

Chocolate Brownie - Unfrosted: Barbara Moore, first.

Chocolate Drop: Barbara Moore, first; Louise Cothron, second.

Sugar Cookie - Unfrosted: Diane Smith, first; Barbara Moore, second; Kay Ritter, third.

Peanut Butter - Barbara Moore, first; Kay Ritter, second.

Drop: Carolyn Hubatka, first; Barbara Moore, second; Emily Akkermann, third.

Formed: Barbara Moore, first; Kay Ritter, second.

Oatmeal: Barbara Moore, first; Diane Smith, second; Carolyn Hubatka, third.

Misc. - Not Listed: Barbara Moore, first; Kay Ritter, second; Carolyn Hubatka, third.

Division V: Homemade Candy, Six Small Pieces on a Plate

Fudge: Kay Ritter, first.

Divinity: Opal Moffit, first.

Division VI: Pie Contest, Must Be At Least 8", No Soft or Cream Pies

Cherry - 2 crust: Diane Smith, first; Kay Ritter, second; Carolyn Hubatka, third.

Peach - 2 crust: Janice Fain, first; Ben Mullin, second; Louise Cothron, third.

Division VII: Heritage Baking, Not Entered In Any Other Division

Pie Crust - Made with Lard: Carolyn Hubatka, first.

Baking Powder Biscuits - 4: Janice Fain, first; Carolyn Hubatka, second; Diane Smith, third.

Cornbread - pan size: Carolyn Hubatka, first.

Molasses or Ginger Cookies - 4: Ben Mullin, first.

Black Walnut Creations: Carolyn Hubatka, first

Black Walnut Youth: Gwen Bowdish, first.

Misc. - Not Listed Above: Carolyn Hubatka, first.

Division VIII: Healthy Baking Recipes Modified or Created to Be Healthy

Gluten Free: Louise Cothron.

Sweepstakes Award: Carolyn Hubatka.

Best of Show: Karen Loudon

King Arthur Flour - Adult: Carolyn Hubatka.

King Arthur Flour - Youth: Taylor Friend.

Cookie Decorating Contest

5-6 Year Olds: Mallory Waigand, first; Trevor Fry, second; Ivy Eklund, third.

7-8 Year Olds: Noelle McKnight, first; Ashlyn Baker, second; Ella Powers, third.

9-10 Year Olds: Halle Evens, first; Hannah Dryden, second; Tyler Loudon, third.

11-12 Year Olds: Sarah King, first; Alissa Weinkoetz, second; Kaela Eslinger, third.

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