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Open class canned goods judged

Published: Friday, Aug. 2, 2013 10:49 a.m. CDT

The following are results from the 2013 Union County Fair open class canned goods department.

Division I: Canned Fruit, Not Less Than One Pint or More Than One Quart

Rhubarb: Dan Gibbons, first.

Misc.: Dan Gibbons, first.

Division II: Jams, Not Less Than 1/2 Pint or More Than One Quart

Grape: Dan Gibbons, first.

Strawberry: Dan Gibbons, first.

Peach: Dan Gibbons, first.

Black Raspberry: Dan Gibbons, first.

Misc.: Carolyn Hubatka, first; Dan Gibbons, second.

Division IV: Jellies, Std. Jelly Glasses or Pints

Grape: Tammy Reeves, first.

Apple: Tammy Reeves, first.

Beet: Iris Smith, second.

Misc.: Dan Gibbons, first.

Division VII: Spiced Goods, Pickles and Condiments, Not Less Than One Pint or Mor Than One Quart

Dill: Tammy Reeves, first; Jim Krautz, second.

Sweet Pickle: Iris Smith, first; Dan Gibbons, second.

Beet: Opal Moffitt, first; Carolyn Hubatka, second.

Salsa: Carolyn Hubatka, first.

Pickle Relish: Tammy Reeves, first; Dan Gibbons, second; Iris Smith, third.

Lime Pickle: Opal Moffitt, first.

Division VIII: Canned Vegetables, Not Less Than One Pint or More Than One Quart

Tomatoes: Dan Gibbons, first; Carolyn Hubatka, second.

Misc.: Iris Smith, first.

Division IX: Juices

Tomato: Dan Gibbons, first; Iris Smith, second.

Division XII: Open to Males, All Ages

Vegetables: Dan Gibbons, first; Jim Krautz, second.

Fruits: Dan Gibbons, first.

Jams and Jellies: Dan Gibbons, first.

Pickles: Dan Gibbons, first; Ron Kelly, second.

Sweepstakes Award: Dan Gibbons of Creston

Best of Show: Candy Apple Jelly, Tammy Reeves of Creston

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