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Union County Fair open class agricultural products contest held

Published: Friday, Aug. 2, 2013 10:48 a.m. CDT

The following are results from the 2013 Union County Fair open class textiles contest.

Division I: Corn, Five Ears

Popcorn: Tyler Loudon, first.

Division III: Fruits and Vegetables, Plate of Three

Three Bell Peppers: Marion Manley, first.

Three Hot Peppers: Marion Manley, first.

Stalk of Dill: Jack Cothron, first; Sharon Ducommon, second; Marion Manley, third.

Plate of String Beans (10): Jack Cothron, first.

Peas: Jack Cothron, third.

Four Beets: Jack Cothron, first.

Turnips: Marion Manley, first; Jack Cothron, second.

Banana Peppers: Marion Manley, first.

Novelty Vegetables: Jack Cothron, first; Tyler Loudon, second; Marion Manley, third.

Potted Produce, Vegetable: Judy Nissen, first; Owen Reimenschneider, second; Peyton Long, third.

Herb: Emmet Long, first; Marion Manley, second; Elizabeth Hadley, third.

Three Red Potatoes: Draven Moore, first; Tyler Loudon, second; Jack Cothron, third.

Three White Potatoes: Jack Cothron.

Green Cabbage: Iris Smith, second.

Zucchini: Jack Cothron, first; Norma Thompson, second; Fay Leeps, third.

Summer Squash: Jack Cothron, first.

Three Cucumbers (slicers): Fay Leeps, first; Jack Cothron, second; Marion Manley, third.

Six Cucumbers (picklers): Ron Kelley, first; Marion Manley, second.

Three White Onions: Marion Manley, first.

Three Red Onions: Marion Manley, second.

Three Yellow Onions: Charles Davenport, first; Jack Cothron, second; Marion Manley, third.

Five Carrots: Charles Davenport, first.

Best of Show Ag: Jack Cothron

Best of Show Potted Plant: Judy Nissen

Potato Head Contest

5-7 Years of Age: Carey Green, first; Landon Witt, second; Rebecca Lodd, third.

8-10 Years of Age: Abby Harper, first; Alison Van Gelder, second; Nate Welch, third.

11-13 Years of Age: Hope Harper, first; Kaci Abiltrip, second; Izak Hribal, third.

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