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Athlete of the Year equals tough decisions

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That’s what my head has been doing for about the past three weeks, as I’ve tried to sort everything out for the inaugural South Central Iowa Athlete of the Year Awards.

If you’ve seen the movie “21,” I’ve felt like the character Ben, when he first learns to count cards. Ben’s first scene counting cards in Las Vegas, there is a cool editing trick where Ben and Kevin Spacey’s characters are shot in real time, while everything else in the scene is shot in a “fast forward” mode.

That’s what these past few weeks have felt like. Trying to learn something new, while everything else is just rushing by me.

Or the scene from “The Hangover,” paying homage to “Rain Man.” You know what scene I’m talking about — the one where Alan decides to count cards.

He stands by the blackjack table counting the cards, while all the numbers and mathwork flashes up on the screen around him, showing the jumbled mess that’s rolling around inside his head at that time.

It’s been a lot of number crunching. I now know how my sister, the accountant, feels.

I’ve gone through all sorts of scenarios in my mind, and for a while, every time I thought I had it all figured out, I talked myself out of it.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that when it comes to selecting the finalists and ultimately, the winners, there really is no wrong answer.

I feel confident that I’ve picked out 10 — five male and five female — finalists who are all outstanding athletes. Any one of them would be deserving of winning the award.

Of course, limiting it to five male and five female finalists, there will be some athletes who have been left out that are also very worthy of being finalists.

It’s been difficult to try to compare these athletes to each other, given that they all compete in different sports.

Some are outstanding multi-sport athletes, competing in three or four different sports. It’s difficult to compare them to someone who has been dominant in one sport, such as Creston/Orient-Macksburg four-time state champion Jake Marlin.

But, that’s also been part of the fun in trying to figure all this out.

There are certainly going to be dissenting opinions. Not everyone will agree with the 10 finalists. Not everyone will agree with the two winners.

Once all of the finalists have been announced on Aug. 9, I’ll be posting polls to our Creston News Advertiser Facebook page, and also to the sports section of our website.

This will be your chance as fans to tell us who you think is deserving of being the inaugural winners of the South Central Iowa Athlete of the Year Award.

Going through the process, and trying to decide the best way to do things this first time around has been tedious, but fun. I look forward to building this award into something special and trying to make it bigger and better in the future.

I also need to throw out another thank you to my good friend Jack Hostettler for designing the logo for the award.

Hostettler is a former teammate of mine and was one of my two co-hosts of “The Vick Show,” my sports talk radio show on the KSLU radio station back at Saint Louis University.

I think it’s very impressive he’s taken up a business venture like Starting Line Designs while he’s still finishing up school at Saint Louis, and still competing.


We are now less than one month away from high school football starting.

I repeat. We are now less than one moth away from high school football starting.

If that’s not crazy to think about, I don’t know what is. Time just seems to fly by for us here in the sports department.

Summer sports season really snuck up on us out of nowhere this year, as I had been busy at state track and CNA sports writer Larry Peterson was off covering Creston/Orient-Macksburg’s state championship golf run.

Before we knew it, the summer sports season was underway and we hadn’t even prepared for it yet!

We’re doing our best to be prepared for the fall sports season, while also taking vacation time, as it’s one of the only times of the year we can get away for vacation without missing too much action.

I’ve just returned from a vacation out to the Pacific Northwest - my first trip ever to the west coast.

After visiting Safeco Field for a game this past Saturday, I came away from the stadium very impressed. It should definitely be on the list of stadiums to visit for any baseball fan.

The beauty of the stadium, combined with the Seattle waterfront makes for a cool setting.


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