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Balloon Days is coming up fast

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The annual Balloon Days Festival here in Creston is the weekend of Sept. 20-22. There looks to be around 50 balloons scheduled to fly for the event. It looks like the majority of the balloons are planning on the Friday night flight this year.

The long-range forecast looks like we might be in for some nice weather for the weekend. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the winds stay calm that weekend. The big parade is Saturday the 21st at 10:30 a.m. The balloon race is Saturday morning starting at 6:30 a.m. It’ll be a fun weekend.


This weekend is the annual Iowa-Iowa State football game. The game is in Ames this year. My guess for this year’s winner is Iowa State and that is only because of home-field advantage. The other big game this weekend is the Texas A&M/Alabama game. Last year A&M upset the Crimson Tide. I don’t think they can do it two years in a row. The NFL has a full slate of games this weekend and I’m sure most of the fantasy-football players will be watching!

Flu shots

I see flu shots are being advertised in the newspaper. The shot has seemed to help me out keeping the “bug away.” You just never know any more if it is going to be a good year or a bad year for the flu bug. So it is best to just get the shot and be prepared. It seems there is a lot of “stuff’” going around nowadays so be smart and get the shot.

Customer appreciation

The Creston News Advertiser will have its customer appreciation day on Friday, Sept. 27. More details about the day will be forth coming, but the lunch is usually worth coming to.


The Creston News Advertiser will be hosting a Scrapbooking “session” the weekend of Jan. 18 and 19. The event will be at Supertel here in Creston. More information will be coming soon.

Poor yard

I can’t believe the cracks in the ground. It’s what you call “Feast to Famine weather.” We had one of the wettest springs ever and then we end up having one of the driest summers ever. Some of the cracks in the lawn have to be more than an inch wide and who knows how deep. We’re going to need a lot of rain this fall to catch back up to normal precipitation.

Pond upgrade

The pond near Greater Regional Hospice Home here in Creston is getting dug out. The silt has filled in a majority of the pond. After getting dug out it should be deeper and hopefully will not fill back in.


Can you say what a mess! The new health care law that is rolling out (or should I say trying to roll out) sure is a big mess for anyone trying to figure out what to do. Plus, the new taxes associated with the law are going to be a big surprise to a lot of people, including our company.

Our company received a notice that our share of the new health care reform taxes and fees will be more than $125,000, this is up and above the premium. This includes several of our sister papers, but the cost of health care is going to be a big cost increase for most everyone before it is done. If they want to do “Obamacare” they need to stop and take a couple of years to figure it out before the government screws it up for all of us! It’s going to take years and lots of money to undo all the problems that are coming out with this fly-by-night program.

Thought for the day: “The best way to enhance freedom in other lands is to demonstrate here that our democratic system is worthy of emulation.” — Jimmy Carter, 1977

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