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Creston News Advertiser vs. U.S. Post Office

Published: Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013 9:26 a.m. CDT

From Jana Weland


I do not always get my paper first thing in the evening; sometimes, I wait and get it in the morning when I get my mail. Well, for the past few weeks my paper has been missing.

To get to the point here, I decided to do some investigating, and I had figured out that it was my mailman that had been removing my paper. Instead of going to the post office, I thought I would try to speak with him myself. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Well, I had not been able to catch him the past two days.

Then, today (Sept. 27) my paper guy brings me my paper while I am working in the yard and says that he can no longer put the paper in my mailbox. I was a little dumb founded. I said OK, just put it in the door.

After contemplating what he had just said, it made me confused and angry, after everything that had been going on. It is my mailbox. The post office didn’t pay for it, I did. I feel that if I ask someone to put something in my mailbox, they should be able to. So, now I ask this question: Does that give the mailman the right to remove my paper, the one I paid for? No it does not.

I do not have a Creston News Advertiser red box that I have noticed some people have. I believe there may have been one here when I bought the house, I am not sure. Since then, my mailbox had been destroyed (and I won’t go into that one), so we replaced it. When I decided to take the paper, maybe someone should of asked me if I had one or told me to get one, whichever.

As for the post office, they could ask me or left a note to have paper put elsewhere, NOT TAKE IT. I would have been happy to do so. Since they choose to just take it, I do believe Mr. Mailman should have to pay for my paper.

I just felt I had to vent on this one. Thank you.

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