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McDermott lays it all on the line for 5th victory of season

Boys fifth, girls 10th at Atlantic

Published: Friday, Oct. 11, 2013 1:38 a.m. CDT • Updated: Friday, Oct. 11, 2013 1:46 a.m. CDT
Creston junior Brant Hudson follows a Treynor runner around a turn, as they prepare to make the final ascent with just more than one mile remaining Thursday at the Trojan Invitational held at Atlantic Golf and Country Club.

ATLANTIC — Early in the boys varsity race here Thursday at the Trojan Invitational, Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson’s Eldon Warner and Brian Collinson had separated themselves from the pack.

With just more than one mile to go, Collinson maintained the lead, as Harlan’s Chris Brace had moved up to his shoulder. Warner had faded, and Creston sophomore Cooper McDermott occupied third place, with a gap between him and the leaders.

But, by the time they reached just 400 meters to go, McDermott had placed himself right between Collinson and Brace, setting up a three-way battle down the stretch for the individual title at the Atlantic Golf and Country Club.

Collinson and McDermott gained a step on Brace, as McDermott made a pass going around the final turn to take the lead.

But, the race was far from over yet, as Collinson pulled back up on his shoulder with about 100 meters to go and the two made contact.

Collinson appeared to regain the lead, but McDermott used a late surge to pull back up to his side.

The two made contact once again just before they crossed the line, as both runners hit the deck as they crossed the finish line side by side.

McDermott quickly bounced back up, and was declared the victor, running 16:16.43 compared to Collinson’s 16:17.00. Brace finished third in 16:17.52. It’s the fifth time McDermott has posted an individual meet victory this season.

“To say that was a close finish was an understatement,” head coach Pat Schlapia said. “Trying to get that forward lean, Cooper and Collinson both ended up on the ground trying to get that lean, and Cooper won the lean.”

With his five meet wins this season, McDermott sets a new Creston school record for wins in a season.

Jay Wolfe also finished in the top 10 of the race, placing eighth in 16:56.

“Jay Wolfe had another fine race,” Schlapia said. “This was a loaded field in both boys and girls, and Jay showed very well, finishing ahead of Shenandoah’s No. 1 and Harlan’s two and three.”

Both Ben Irr and Garret Taylor made their returns to the varsity lineup after sitting out the Nodaway Valley Invitational on Monday with ankle injuries.

But, neither appeared to be at 100 percent, and the Panthers finished fifth in the team standings with 165 points. behind Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson (84), Harlan (95), Shenandoah (125) and Boyer Valley (161).

“We wanted to test ourselves against TJ again, but you could tell Ben and Garret weren’t back at full strength yet,” Schlapia said. “There’s some points to be made up just from running healthy in another week.”

Isaiah Foster was the fifth scoring member for the Panthers, finishing 77th with a time of 18:30.

Jacob Bolinger led Lenox with an 85th place finish, running 18:43.


The Creston girls team finished 10th out of 21 total teams, scoring 217 points. Winterset ran away with the team title, scoring 97 points.

Junior Maria Mostek led the way for the Panthers, finishing 10th out of 158 competitors, running 16:22.

Following Monday’s meet at Nodaway Valley, Mostek spent all week working on staying relaxed while running.

“Each race she’s looking stronger and stronger as we’re progressing,” Schlapia said. “She looked a lot more relaxed than she did on Monday. She showed she’s going to be right in the hunt for conference and state qualifying.”

Sophomore Taylor Briley finished 39th for the Panthers with her time of 17:39. Madison Hance was close behind in 44th place, running 17:48.

“Taylor’s been consistently our No. 2, but I think Madison Hance ran her best race of the season,” Schlapia said. “The gap between Maria and the rest of the girls has to close. We want them out stronger that first mile.”

Jessica Beatty and Maddie Skarda rounded out the scoring in 75th and 79th, respectively. Beatty ran 18:22 and Skarda clocked an 18:26. Raegen Smith finished 84th in 18:31. Jenna Hayes ran 21:09 for 146th.

Lenox sophomore Rebekah Kroese finished 82nd in 18:29.

The Creston JV girls team finished fourth out of 10 teams with 67 points, while the JV boys team finished fifth out of 15 teams with 140 points.

Both Savannah Hartman and Kaleb Cook earned varsity spots for next Thursday’s Hawkeye 10 Conference Meet at Red Oak with their performances Thursday.

Trojan Invitational


1. Winterset 97, 2. Harlan 134, 3. Lewis Central 144, 4. Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln 147, 5. Dallas Center-Grimes 185, 6. Council Bluffs St. Albert 192, 7. Shenandoah-Essex 202, 8. Glenwood 205, 9. Griswold 212, 10. Creston 217, 11. Atlantic 236, 12. Tri-Center 354, 13. Sergeant Bluff-Luton 368, 14. Clarinda 371, 15. Logan-Magnolia 387, 16. ADM 390, 17. Denison-Schleswig 405, 18. Red Oak 446, 19. Treynor 447, 20. Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson 455, 21. Boyer Valley 615.


Leaders — 1. Rebekah Topham, Griswold, 14:34; 2. Madison Waymire, DCG, 15:43; 3. Michelle Mumm, Tri-Center, 15:51; 4. Mackenzie Hulsing, Southwest Iowa, 15:59; 5. Dominique Fleming, Winterset, 16:10; 6. Alexis Cook, Missouri Valley, 16:13; 7. Tiffany Williams, Atlantic, 16:15; 8. Brianna Mueller, ADM, 16:16; 9. Layken Gurwell, Winterset, 16:19; 10. Maria Mostek, Creston, 16:22.

Creston — 10. Maria Mostek, 16:22; 39. Taylor Briley, 17:39; 44. Madison Hance, 17:48; 75. Jessica Beatty, 18:22; 79. Maddie Skarda, 18:26; 84. Raegen Smith, 18:31; 146. Jenna Hayes, 21:09.

Creston JV — 4. Savannah Hartman, 18:14; 10. Caitlin McIlravy, 18:52; 14. Angela Drey, 19:00; 21. Rachel Shepherd, 19:17; 26. Micah McCutchan, 19:30; 28. Cora Green, 19:32; 41. Abbie Cook, 19:55; 42. Ann Waigand, 19:56; 68. Madison Callahan, 20:45; 81. Amber Castillo, 21:23; 86. Leah Schuler, 21:35; 92. Jessica Drey, 21:53; 96. Sydney Suiter, 22:01; 121. Itzayanna Rubio, 23:42.

Lenox — 82. Rebekah Kroese, 18:29.


1. Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson 84, 2. Harlan 95, 3. Shenandoah 125, 4. Boyer Valley 161, 5. Creston 165, 6. Dallas Center-Grimes 169, 7. Riverside 196, 8. Council Bluffs St. Albert 217, 9. Winterset 252, 10. Denison-Schleswig 255, 11. Red Oak 286, 12. ADM 295, 13. Logan-Magnolia 306, 14. Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln 306, 15. Tri-Center 353, 16. Atlantic 386, 17. Lewis Central 386, 18. Griswold 477, 19. Clarinda 495, 20. Treynor 529, 21. Sergeant Bluff-Luton 534.


Leaders — 1. Cooper McDermott, Creston, 16:16; 2. Brian Collinson, CBTJ, 16:17; 3. Chris Brace, Harlan, 16:17; 4. Eldon Warner, CBTJ, 16:33; 5. Josh Berger, ADM, 16:41; 6. Alex Brewer, CBAL, 16:51; 7. Jake Weber, Boyer Valley, 16:53; 8. Jay Wolfe, Creston, 16:56; 9. Wyatt Schulz, Logan-Magnolia, 16:56; 10. Nate Hoyt, Shenandoah, 17:00.

Creston — 1. Cooper McDermott, 16:16; 8. Jay Wolfe, 16:56; 27. Ben Irr, 17:20; 59. Garret Taylor, 18:07; 77. Isaiah Foster, 18:30; 96. Kruz Adamson, 19:00; 122. Brant Hudson, 19:33.

Creston JV — 13. Kaleb Cook, 18:51; 17. Zack Peppmeier, 19:10; 23. Isaac Wignall, 19:35; 40. Evan Nielsen, 20:07; 61. Jacob Geary, 20:36; 69. Michael Walsh, 20:54; 73. Nick Walsh, 20:57; 132. Jeremy Stoll, 22:45; 143. Patrick Normandeau, 23:24; 145. Daniel Scott, 23:29; 168. Elijah Johnson, 28:30.

Lenox — 85. Jacob Bolinger, 18:43; 146. Daniel Boschee, 21:46; 149. Riley Haidsiak, 22:50.

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