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Finding a story

Published: Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 10:39 a.m. CDT

From Josiah Leibowitz-Mahurin


Being an amateur journalist is sometimes difficult. Finding a story that will really get someone’s attention is not as easy as it may seem. Sometimes stories come to you and in this case, one literally did. In fact, it happened right in my front yard. A battle of good versus evil. An act of vile intent and another of true heroism. The home that I live in is built beside a small creek. It is fenced off by chain link to keep animals and children from falling in.

My mother Cathi Mahurin was out tending to the garbage can, which the wind had blown over that morning. She began to hear a horrible sound. She described it as “a scary, gurgling, screaming sound.” My mom is more of the inquisitive type rather than running from the alien sounds. She traced it to the creek. My mother also happens to run an in-home pet rescue business called Cathi’s Pet Penthouse. What she saw in the creek was paramount to an animal lover’s nightmare.

“I saw a head. It was screaming and bobbing for air trying to grab hold of the bank. And then I saw another head, and then another! There were three kittens drowning right down in the creek,” she explained.

A conundrum quickly formed for Cathi. The fence to the creek meant a long fall and not an easy climb back out. She saw that time was against her and quickly scaled the chain link and fell into the creek.

“I took off my shirt and tied it around my waist to make a pouch. I got the kittens out of the water and was about ready to climb up until I heard another growling sound and a rustling behind me. When I turned to look, I saw a black sack that was moving,” she told me.

She investigated the frantic rustling from the bag to find another three kittens inside.

Now the situation made a turn for the disturbing. Someone had bagged the kittens and tossed them over, thinking the water was deep enough to kill them. Luckily for the frightened felines the water just wasn’t very deep. My mother retrieved all of the distressed kittens and gave them all warm baths and food. They are currently safe and sound and looking for a good home.

It sickens my stomach how someone could do such a heinous and callous act. I learned two important things on that day. I know that the world is full of sickening, malicious, evil people.

I also know now that somewhere among the bad is a little good. True heroes that stand up for the lives of defenseless animals. My mother showed me what a hero looks like.

If you are interested in giving the kittens a home, give my mother a call a 641-202-1169.

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