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Published: Monday, Nov. 11, 2013 7:16 a.m. CDT

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Union County Genealogical Society

Union County Genealogical Society met Oct. 28 at Gibson Memorial Library with seven members present. Jane Briley presided. Treasurer Elaine Brown reported dues are being received for year 2014, which begins Jan. 1.

Members will contact other genealogical societies to learn of their activities and methods of operation, seeking suggestions on increasing active participation by all members.

Briley gave a five minute tidbit. She showed a Shutterfly photo book that she assembled about researching in Canada on her vacation.

Members shared information on DNA as a part of researching. Briley showed a program on a genographic project by National Geographic Society. Websites of various companies offering DNA analysis, and their amount of information and cost were compared.

At the Nov. 25 meeting at 6 p.m. at the library, officers will be elected. Members will share favorite holiday snacks and tell of genealogical discoveries they made in 2013.

The Book Club

The Book Club met Sept. 9 at the home of Sherry Taylor with nine members present. President Donna Haag called the meeting to order. Minutes from the May meeting were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was also given, as well as a reminder that dues are now due. Roll call was taken as members shared books and other readings they have done during the summer.

Donna Haag reported $26 was given by The Book Club to the Gibson Memorial Library in February.

Meg Crawford handed out the new club books for 2013-14. She asked for everyone to check their contact information and let her know if any corrections need to be made. It was decided to have Donna Haag contact Greater Regional Medical Center (GRMC) to see if the DV Richardson room would be available for the December meeting. Members would bring food with GRMC providing the beverages.

A discussion was held on the process for contacting members. It was decided the president and secretary would prepare a calling tree and then split the list for future contacts.

The meeting was adjourned.

Dorothy McNaught gave a report on F. Scott Fitzgerald and his book “This Side of Paradise.”

After the presentation, Sherry Taylor served Subway sandwiches, chips, dessert and beverages.

While everyone ate the meal, Dorothy McNaught shared an autobiography of her faith journey that she is hoping to publish.

The Book Club also met Oct. 7 at the home of Donna Haag with 11 members and one guest present.

President Donna Haag called the meeting to order. Minutes and treasurers reports were given. It was noted there are still some dues that need to be paid. Roll call was taken with members sharing readings from the previous month.

Donna Haag reported she has been in touch with GRMC concerning a meeting room for the Christmas potluck. Rooms are unavailable because of previous reservations. Barb Thomsen offered to host in December since she will be unable to host in February. Members were asked to RSVP. Shonda Deranleau will contact The Windrow to see if it is possible to hold the February meeting at the restaurant.

A discussion was held concerning the annual basket for the library. It was decided to do this again in February. The meeting was adjourned.

Deb Goerndt gave a report on author Willa Cather and the book “O Pioneers!”

After the book report, Haag served dessert with coffee and water.

Another meeting was held Saturday at the home of Carolyn Derricks.

Afton Betterment Committee

Afton Betterment Committee met Oct. 15 to discuss the second annual Celebrity Chili Cook-Off.

It was decided to have the cook-off 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Cost of the meal is $5.

A table will be set up by the door to collect for the meal and also sell Afton Cookbooks.

There will be 12 contestants. Those same cooks will be contacted first to see if they want to compete again this year. Toni has a back-up list of others who might be interested if some drop out. All responses go to DyAnn for tracking.

Keisha will make signs for the voting area and voting containers to be set up the same as last year. The cook with the largest donation will be the winner. Judging will be from 5:30 to 7:15 p.m. with the winner announced at 7:30 p.m.

Set up will be at 4:30 p.m. for ABC members and 5 p.m. for contestants.

There was brief discussion on Lights of Love Christmas tree ornaments for this year and the Extravaganza. The committee would like to have a sale table for cookbooks and a bucket for Splashpad donations during the Extravaganza. Will ask Toni to talk to Loretta and Deb about setting up in the same place as last year.

With no other business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Catholic Daughters

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas met Oct. 8 at Holy Spirit Parish hall.

A blessing was led by Regent Betty Baker.

Lunch was served by the committee consisting of Betty Bradley, Jane Collins, Marlene Cihak, Sherry Bradley and Cyndy Bakerink.

Sydney Weis presented a program on her trip to Haiti.

There will be a new billboard on Highway 34 regarding “Respect Life.” Donations are welcome for the billboard. There will be three more put up. There are magnets to put on your car regarding “Respect for Life.” Donations may be given for these magnets.

At the Nov. 12 meeting, there will be a presentation by Blake Sevier on his People to People trip.

Minutes were read by Theresa Weis. There were no additions or corrections. Lois Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes as read, and Kathy Tapkin seconded it.

The treasurer’s report was given. Sharon Skarda made a motion to approve the report, and Pat Pokorny seconded it. Motion carried.

Three people are needed to sign the audit. Volunteers were Pat Pokorny, Jane Collins and Carol McKee.

Let Rhetta Ripperger or Betty Bradley know if someone needs a card sent.

The new CD of A monthly books are here, so be sure to get a copy.

CD of A Sunday was Oct. 20.

Regent Baker contacted Jenny Adamson about the bake sale at BUNN. The date has been set for Jan. 24. Help would be appreciated. Everyone is asked to bring three dozen of any type of baked goods.

Carol McKee won the half and half.

The charity cup had $4.88.

The meeting adjourned.

Porcelain Painters

Ten members of Creston Area Porcelain Painters met at the home of Ann Moore for a “thankful” luncheon and the opening of donated boxes of supplies.

Marilyn Jones of Chariton has decided, because of her health, she can no longer paint. She also made the decision to donate her 40-year stash of supplies to the Creston club. This choice was made in part because of the club’s continuing Loving Cup Project in the cancer treatment center at Greater Regional Medical Center.

The monthly meeting was held with discussions of the recent state board meeting and potential coming seminars. Judith Wachter has been in touch with Paul Lewing, a nationally known potter. Lewing feels potters have much to learn from porcelain painters and visa versa. He would like to present in Iowa. Wachter and Judy Gile were asked to visit with local art instructors about participating in this possibility.

Soups were prepared by Ann Moore and dishes were brought for a potluck. Joyce Anderson shared her award-wining macadamia nut pie.

The next meeting will be Dec. 13 at The Windrow for lunch and a Christmas party. The Christmas meeting will be at 11 a.m.

In January, Porcelain Painters will resume meeting at Prairie View Assisted Living Facility at 10 a.m.

Anyone interested in learning more about painting on porcelain is welcome to come to the meetings. Meetings are generally held the first Friday of each month, unless otherwise notified.


The weekly Kiwanis meeting was held 12:05 p.m. Tuesday at The Windrow with 24 members. Chris Frederickson, president, presided. Jim Morris did the prayer, and Jamie Travis was finemaster.

The program was Ellen Gerharz, who spoke about the Christmas Basket program. Nomination forms for needy families in Union County are now out and due back Nov. 26. The goal this year is to raise $19,000 to support the food/gift certificate distribution, as well as help the crisis fund at the Ministerial Alliance and the local food pantry.

The Kiwanis Club presented a $450 check to help the charity.

The Keep a Kid Warm coat giveaway was last week and served more than 100 children and families in the area. Wreath orders are in and will be delivered the week of Thanksgiving. All proceeds will benefit the clubs youth programs.

— — — — — —

Bancroft History Assembly

Bancroft History Assembly met 1:30 p.m. Monday at the D.V. Richardson Room at Greater Regional Medical Center. Seven regular and three life members were in attendance. Peg Anderson called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The program was first, presented by Beth Perry on Marjory Stonman Douglas, an American writer, journalist, feminist, civil rights leader and environmentalist.

The inspirational thought was from Rick Godvin. “One reason people resist change is that they focus on what they have to give up, rather than what they have to gain.”

The yearbook saying for November was “Be a continuous teacher of love, forgiveness and joy.”

Marisue Lewis, secretary, read the October minutes, which were approved.

Avis Hainline gave the treasurer’s report. The budget committee presented the budget for 2013-14. Both were accepted by the members.

Kay Raymond reminded the group to read and record their reading titles. Individual lists are due Dec. 2.

Joan Chubik reported on the scholarship program. March 1 is the last day for application. Two members will represent Bancroft at the SWCC scholarship banquet Tuesday night.

Chubik, as courtesy chairperson, reported having sent three cards last month.  She was instructed to send a note of encouragement to an absent member.

Anderson reported on information regarding the Domestic Violence Center in Adel.  She had been in contact with the DVC and was given some project ideas.  Kacey Barrow from Adel will be a special speaker at the December meeting.

It was decided that Bancroft would sponsor and decorate a Christmas tree that will be auctioned off for IRCC. Members are to bring three tree decorations for it. Joann Nurnberg will act as chairperson, find a tree and let members know when and where it will be decorated. Barbara Bjorn and Beth Perry will help with the calling.

Chubik reported last month 30 cans of food and other items given to MATURA totaled nearly $50 in value. More items were brought for the November meeting.

As new business, President Anderson passed out a 2014 chart for recording volunteer hours, encouraging all to keep track of the hours spent serving others.

The president then gave a brief trivia quiz about GFWC.

Dora Coen is to be hostess for Dec. 2. The club collect was repeated, and the meeting adjourned.

Chubik served apple muffins, nuts, fall candy and beverages.

— — — — — —

TOPS 1338

Creston TOPS 1338 met Oct. 28. Ten members weighed in with Monica Belew and Neoma Davis tied for weekly best loser, and Alice Brown was in second place. Carol Sheldahl was the monthly best loser and Brown second.

The meeting started with the TOPS opening pledge led by Anna Thompson. Minutes were read by the secretary and the treasurer gave her report. Three members stated they planned to attend the Fall Rally at Red Oak.

Squares were won by Belew and fines went to the treasury. The Red Can Challenge was to list food intake for two days. The Loser Lotto chart is about half filled withsignatures. Those who were eligible signed for the day.

No program was presented as several members planned to attend the Extravaganza at the college.

Next week’s program will be a report on the Fall Rally.

The meeting adjourned with the closing TOPS pledge.

TOPS 1338 met 5 p.m. Monday at the United Methodist Church with 11 members weighing in. The best losers for the week were Shellie Sullivan and Marisue Lewis.  Anna Thompson was in second place.

The TOPS pledge opened the business meeting conducted by the leader, Thompson.

Last week’s minutes were read and approved. Alice Brown gave the treasurer’s report.

Squares was won by Carol Sheldahl. Fines went to the treasury. The Red Can Challenge is to eat a breakfast of a carbohydrate, dairy food and fruit each day this week. The Loser Lotto chart was signed by several members.

The program was a report by Diana Loomis on the Southwest District Rally held at Red Oak Nov. 2. The theme was “TOPS: Constructing a New You.” Talks were given by Barbara Bratton, Southern Iowa TOPS coordinator, a certified nutritionist, and two areamembers who encouraged weight loss.

Next week’s program will be given by Monica Belew. The TOPS pledge closed the meeting.

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