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Winter is fast approaching

We got a little taste of winter this week with a skiff of snow showing up on Monday. I’m not sure if I’m really ready for the cold weather, but that is the “fun” of living in Iowa. The good thing is it is supposed to be back up around 50 degrees this weekend.

I get the feeling this may be a colder than average winter. Hopefully we get some good snows to help replenish some of the area ponds and lakes.


It is great to see the gas price back under $3 a gallon. I see that Casey’s still carries the 87 percent without ethanol. I read a story last week in the Lincoln newspaper that said the non-ethanol is still selling real well even though the price is higher because of blending.

If the government would get rid of all the mandates and rebates on ethanol, I have a hard time seeing ethanol survive in that kind of environment. It will be interesting to see what happens down the line.

SWCC volleyball

The SWCC volleyball team is headed to nationals next week to hopefully bring back a trophy. The team had a great year and should make a good showing out in Toledo, Ohio. The team leaves Monday for the event. I had a chance to work with the ladies Tuesday night at the Open Table here in Creston. They are a positive bunch of young ladies and will represent us well.

Turkey Day

It is only two weeks away from Thanksgiving. The holiday comes late this year with the month starting on a Friday. You will have less than a month between Turkey Day and Christmas to get your Christmas shopping done.


The big Black Friday sales all seem to start on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) this year. Even the Black Friday flyer information is out online already for most of the stores. I would think just about everyone has a flat screen TV, but if you don’t the prices are just crazy this year. Wal-Mart has a 23-inch starting for $75, 32-inch for less than $100 or 70-inch TV for less than a $1,000. TV’s are getting to cost less than a lot of radios or even many headsets!


There are getting to be more hunters out and about with the corn harvest coming to an end. I had one report that some of the local hunters had not seen any birds until the majority of the corn had been harvested.

They are just now starting to see a few pheasants. The numbers are still way down from years past, but at least some are being seen. I had one hunter report that he went to South Dakota last week, and even the number of birds there is down compared to previous years.

The duck and goose hunters seem to be having the most luck so far this hunting season with some of the best early hunting in years.


I see the free holiday movies for the kids start Nov. 23 here in Creston. There will be five weekends of movies for the kids to take in. That is always a nice way for parents to give the kids an inexpensive afternoon out. It also gives the parents a little time do their shopping for the kids.

Thought for the week: “American football is an occasion at which dancing girls, bands, tactical huddles and television commercial breaks are interrupted by short burst of play.” — The London Times description on an NFL game played at Wimbley Stadium in London.

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