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Lack of Christian perspective

Published: Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 11:20 a.m. CDT

From Joan Brunell


It seems to me there is a lack of Christian perspective in the information that our young people are exposed to. Www.wallbuilders.com is an excellent place to find information about the Christian heritage of our nation.

One glaring example of misunderstanding is in the Christian view of the gay lifestyle. It seems many young people think Christians like to hate people and force their narrow view on others. Christians don’t make judgments based on how narrow a view may be. They base their decisions on what they believe to be the moral code of God no matter how narrow or popular that may seem.

Christians don’t oppose the gay lifestyle because they hate people. They oppose it because the gay lifestyle is destructive to people. One example is the high suicide rates in the homosexual community. Interesting enough those who advocate for this lifestyle blame those who do not practice it instead of those who do. Furthermore, they claim Christians advocate hate and bullying when the opposite is true.

Here is what Christians really believe. We believe God loves everyone period. He invites us to receive Him into our hearts and be made completely new in our spirits. Then the process of renewing our minds in the way we think and feel starts. We go from having our lives directed by the destructive desires of the flesh to lives directed by the desires of our new spirit. Christians are not strangers to the passions of the flesh, but we do deny their legitimacy when they harm. In fact Christians continue to wrestle with their flesh just like homosexuals. You may see it otherwise but Christians are driven by love even when it is rejected by those they wish to help.

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