In response to Karon Finn, ‘Stop CAFOs’

Published: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 10:51 a.m. CDT

From Evonne Jennett


Business cannot survive with different rules within short distances. Local control would be a disaster because of people with your attitude.

Your small group of Iowans — those with CAFOs — do not exist in a vacuum. They employ staff. They also indirectly satellite people — feed suppliers, fuel suppliers, electric companies, building and equipment repairmen; and, yes, even manure haulers (and manure does have a dollar value); and the government with fees and licenses; and other farmers by buying corn, soybean meal and DDG, who in turn support implement dealers, seed companies and fertilizer, herbicide and insecticide companies — and their employees in the city.

You don’t like our smell? Have you ever smelled some of the industries cities? Pre-CAFO hog lots smelled more than the CAFOs of today. We treat pits with products to reduce odors. I know. We had the old ones. So you could say that we smell better than we did years ago.

And you say we make your children sick. I’m not sick, my children are not sick, and my grandchildren are not sick. I’ve read news articles that say city kids have more allergies than country kids. Country kids have immunity that pampered city kids do not have.

You want your water quality protected. We have regulations that have improved water quality over the years. (I’ve never read of you attacking crop farmers. Don’t bother. They have their regulations and also have already improved water quality). You never mention other possible polluters such as industrial plants, city sewage plants, and the run-off from excess city lawn fertilizer, herbicide and insecticide.

And the CAFOs benefit YOU. I presume you do eat bacon, pork chops, hamburger, steak and chicken. Since civilization began, farms and the country were where livestock was raised to feed those in the city. Be a little more grateful and not so unreasonably critical.

P.S. And I won’t even vent on your list of lawyers.

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