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A Sunday walk

Published: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 11:40 a.m. CDT

From Dennis Hance


What a beautiful day. That is what I thought on Sunday as I started my walk shortly before noon. I walk quite often, especially when the weather is nice. Many times I walk a route that takes me through the Cedar Street underpass, as was the case on Sunday.

I am always a little apprehensive as I walk through the underpass. A great majority of the time drivers slow down when they see me, and slowly pass by. Other times, they don’t.

On Sunday, as I was walking through the underpass, I could hear a vehicle approach me on the rear. I hastened my steps to get through as quickly as I could, but I was near the middle of the tunnel. I could hear the vehicle slow as I approached the puddles that always seem to be present, and I quickly jumped over them to try to keep from getting splashed. The vehicle must have been close to a complete stop by now so without looking, I waved them around. The vehicle then started to pass me and the lady spoke through the open window as she passed, “I just didn’t want to splash you.” I told her “Thank you,” and she went on her way as I did.

As I continued my walk, I thought to myself, what a nice gesture. As parents we try to teach our children to look for opportunities to be nice to people. It takes very little effort to show a courtesy to someone else. Whether it is holding the door open for someone or giving up a place to sit to someone that is in need of it more than you are. There are many opportunities in life to show a courtesy to another person. You feel good after you have done it, and the other person also feels good after receiving the gesture. It is a win-win situation.

As for the lady in my story, if I saw her in the grocery store, I wouldn’t recognize her. I am sure that she didn’t give these few moments in time a second thought. I on the other hand thought that the gesture was very classy and was very much appreciated. Like I said, I wouldn’t normally recognize this lady unless she is at work. That is because she is a Creston police officer.

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