Mayor Woods: Creston continues to be growing, vibrant community

Published: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 2:07 p.m. CDT • Updated: Thursday, April 17, 2014 11:20 a.m. CDT

I was at the groundbreaking for the Care Initiatives new 10-bed wing at Creston Nursing and Rehab last Tuesday. 

This is another fine addition, and I am delighted that businesses are investing in Creston. A member of their management team came up to me and informed me we had a fine community. He noticed a lot of good things in Creston and wanted to let me know he was impressed with the community as a whole. 

We, as residents, don’t always appreciate that we live in a growing vibrant community with many good things happening. So, what is good about Creston?  For starters, how about our parks. 

The Parks and Recreation Board is dedicated to making the Creston Parks showplaces for all of southwest Iowa. The staff they have is working to bring that about. 

Graceland Cemetery is a beautiful resting place for our loved ones. The Union County Historical Village, I believe, is second to none other in our area. 

The Library Board is working to bring our library up to modern day standards with the move to expanded facilities – this is an important step in keeping good things happening in Creston. 

The city has taken steps in the past six years to eliminate some of the blighted houses that were around town.  Chances are that an empty lot that you see was the result of a derelict house being acquired by the city through the court system and torn down.  This is not an inexpensive proposition. 

One hundred thousand dollars has been budgeted annually for this improvement project. 

Habitat for Humanity has built new homes on several of these lots. There is one currently being finished at Montgomery and Sycamore, and another one being planned on North Birch. 

In addition to these homes, Union County Development Association is involved in a project to improve the Elm Street corridor into Uptown Creston from the south. 

One house has been built and sold. The second one is nearly finished and plans are for more to be built.  When the Cottonwood subdivision is up and running, it will be another very positive impact on the Creston community.

Granted, some of our streets are in need of repair and there is a very simple solution to this.  The state legislature needs to pass a fuel tax increase bill.  Without increased fuel tax revenue, the Road Use Tax Fund — which funds much of our street work — will not increase. 

The only way then to improve the streets is through increased property taxes.  I understand this increase is dead for this year, but hopefully next year the legislature will do something. 

I wanted to keep this positive because there are so many positive things in Creston — Creston Community Schools, Greater Regional Medical Center, all of the associated health care facilities, our quality churches and other things that are too numerous to mention. 

I know I have missed many positives here, so help me out – send your positives to me via email to mayor@crestoniowa.gov, or on my Facebook page Mayor Warren Woods. 

One other accolade is for all of you Crestonians who serve as volunteers wherever it may be.

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