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In response to Monica McCarthy

Published: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 2:45 p.m. CDT

From Joe Owens


Praise God for the First Amendment and let the mudslinging begin. Isn’t it refreshing to know the Democrats haven’t changed any political strategies in the past six years. Let’s just point fingers, promise you anything for your vote and provide a solution for nothing.

Ms. McCarthy’s comments regarding Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst sound like a page from every political party’s playbook. Let’s first take a stab at their contributors and behold, we have found the “Evil Koch Brothers.” After all, they ARE Right Wing Capitalist Conservatives. Perhaps it is much more acceptable to receive political funding from labor unions, legal firms and anyone who agrees with the Liberal Left and supports government control of your lives.

Let’s look at Ms. McCarthy’s bullet points for the AmeriSheep to base their voting decisions upon:

1. No minimum wage for hardworking people. There has been a minimum for many years. The idea of a minimum wage is to establish a baseline for entry level positions within the workforce. Now with the future Common Core education we’re forced to provide our children, maybe flippin’ burgers is the pinochle of the future.

2. No education department for our children. Education should be the responsibility of the states and accountable parents. I know this is asking quite a lot of our evolving society. However, our government should not be responsible for education. Unless your goal is to dumb down the masses so Socialism can thrive.

3. No progressive tax code to even out the system and make it fair for all “progressive tax code fair for all.” Sounds like a poster for Marxism. How about a flat tax. You make it, you pay it. No loop holes. Let the free market system work. Of course such a move might eliminate the need for the IRS, then another quarter of a million nonessential government employees would be out of a job.

4. No clean water act to clean up and protect our waterways. That’s what we all need is the EPA, DNR and Department of the Interior to first tell us what a waterway is, what we can and can’t do with it. And we so desperately need another place to send our tax dollars.

5. No farm bill for Iowa or the rest of the nation. Commodity prices at the highest level in history, why do we need a farm bill? I forgot, government regulations created the closed market system that resulted in the need for farm bill legislation. Let’s not forget food stamps. Where would we spend all that money if the current administration hadn’t increased the number of recipients by 41 percent?

6. No gun control, not even mental health issues. MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES! Enough said.

I have a neighbor who raises sheep. And every morning I am awakened to, “Feeeed meeee. Giiiiive Meeeee.” Pretty soon I’ll be listening to Braaaaley. They don’t want a representative with an agricultural background, Christian morals and values, dedication to God and Country. Most AmeriSheep would be happy with another lawyer.

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