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Let the people be involved

Published: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 2:45 p.m. CDT

From Kenneth M. Mallas, former teacher and school administrator for 36 years


When Monica makes the comment concerning Joni’s views as hardcore Koch Brother paid-for politically far right, what a below the belt sad way of attacking a person. If you want to attack her, please look at her record while serving in the Iowa Senate which was controlled by the Democrats.

Joni Ernst believes in the Bill of Rights, using the Constitution as a form of governing, enforcing all the present laws and allowing a person to believe in God. By having this belief, Joni is branded as far right. Anyone having these same beliefs are branded as far right. Not too long ago we were called “Patriots.”

Joni believes in the good of people. She wants the free market to provide the jobs, not the federal government. The federal government takes a lot from each of us and gives back very little in return. Anyone who believes in less government and less control now becomes a “bad person.”

Monica’s areas of concern

1. Minimum Wage

2. No education department for our children

3. No progressive tax code to even out the system and make it fair for all.

4. No clean water act to clean up and protect our waterways, no farm bill for Iowa or the nation, no gun control, not even mental health issues.

My response to Monica McCarthy

1. Does “minimum wage” create more jobs or less jobs? What are real facts?

2. The U.S. Educational Department provides less than 15 percent of our tax dollars but wants 100 percent control. My personal comments on “No child left behind.” Our teachers are now becoming bookkeepers. Ask any teacher who has taught for more than 15 years for their personal opinion on this subject.

3. & 4. The Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the presidency for two years. Any point they now make today is a bunch of hog wash. They had complete control of government. For them to blame anybody other than themselves is laughable. The items they bring up today could have been done, but they did not want to take the risk.

The problems of 2008 was the government’s fault — all three branches of services — the House, the Senate, the president and both parties. Both houses passed a law and the president signed it. The government allowed the banks to make loans on any house at any price, take no risk and make $2,400 on each loan made. The federal government guaranteed 100 percent on every loan.

These comments are in response to Monica McCarthy. Let the people be involved in solving their problems, not just the government. Joni will be an outstanding senator for the state of Iowa because she will be a senator who listens to people and what they say.

Monica McCarthy should ask the person she is supporting one question and wait like I did for an answer.

The president of United States said you could keep your own insurance and you could keep your own doctor. I called his office twice and asked his office representative whether or not did the president tell the truth or did he lie. His office was unable or unwilling to answer that question. The United States needs one less lawyer in the Senate. Thank each of you and God bless.

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