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Goose abuse

Published: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 2:02 p.m. CDT

From Marsha A. Wilson

Creston city councilperson

To the person or persons who thought it was cute to torture a goose, may you never sleep again!

I am sure it had to be more than one person, cause catching a goose is not an easy task. How can someone ruin a beautiful day? A day we celebrate our freedom, and then torture a goose.

How would you like it if someone tied firecracker’s to your private parts and then light them? Probably not too happy, so how do you think that goose felt as it slowly died? You are downright sick and unnormal.

I know as full as the park was, someone had to see these idiots doing this. If you did, please report the names to the law enforcement office. If you wish not to release your name, you will not have to.

If these sick people have done this to one goose, what are they doing to the family pet? Family children? Family members?

Please help us find out who did this inhumane act of torture. Thank you.

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