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Is there an ordinance for that?

Published: Thursday, July 31, 2014 11:07 a.m. CDT

Birdie Sandeman


Regarding the present debate of moving our current library to a different location — that being an unused school for several years — built in 1931. There are other vital issues that need our immediate attention also.

Danish grandpa Niels would just say, “Well here ve go again.”

Years back the city was in a similar turmoil over our present Creston Depot. Renovate or destroy? It caused lots of controversy and hard feelings among the community for months.

Now it is the moving of our present Matilda Gibson Library. No one can predict the future as we have seen encyclopedias, brick streets, horse and buggies, telephones, typewriters, etc., become obsolete. What will the next 10 years bring?

Our city is slowly deteriorating because of other issues not addressed or simply disregarded. Residential areas, empty lots and alleys are filled with unusable, unwanted and rusted debris. It is OK to move your farm equipment, abandon motor homes, rusted boats, lawn mowers, scrap metal, tractors and junk cars leaking toxic waste in soil and water ways, but heaven forbid a few grass clippings in the street. Is there an ordinance for that?

Some downtown alleys are filled with old tires, mattresses, couches, garbage, kitchen appliances, cars, weeds and trees. Could the city completely restore just one alley, sidewalk and street instead of patching or refilling of pot holes or repair a broken stoplight downtown? It’s OK to walk your dogs on city sidewalks to relieve themselves to remain forever, skateboard downtown and discard trash anywhere but the provided cans.

Ordinances yes, but can they be enforced? Who is responsible for those and who is the person or persons required or qualified for enacting the procedure for checking?

Can old homes and buildings be declared a nuisance with falling bricks, broken glass windows, sagging roofs, crumbling curbs and sidewalks harboring undesirable people and animals?

The sad truth is the present generation of kids are affixed on new technology and are not going to have the desire to put time, gas and effort to visit the library when they can sit in the comfort of their home, snack and just push buttons to receive their information from a mobile device. In a few years what can we expect? No hand held books, newspapers, writers, schools or perhaps teachers?

To the older generation, it is pretty scary.

Moving of the library will get resolved but we must also consentrate on the future beauty and well being of our children and grandchildren.

Creston has many opportunities for young and old. Many jobs are available, great recreational areas, parks, lakes, schools, factories, medical, etc. We must make our community more attractive for future generations of families or the need for the library will fade away and become a problem of the past. So everyone must work together to resolve these vital issues or we will be known as the city of trash and junk.

It can be done and we will accomplish it!!

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