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Tell me how you’ll work together

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 4:07 p.m. CDT

From Jody Nedley-Newcomb


Currently the U.S. Congress cannot work together to do what they were hired (elected) to do — legisiate, budget and care for our country. Yet, over and over I hear candidates say the same thing, “When I am elected I will...” when in reality ONE person in Congress is limited in what they will finally accomplish. The only way Congress (along with the executive branch) will be able to actually DO SOMETHING is if they collaborate (favored word in business and academia today), cooperate, compromise and work TOGETHER.

So ... candidates, of any party, stop telling me what YOU (alone) are going to do and tell me HOW you are going to work TOGETHER with the rest of your co-workers and be productive in regards to the health of the United States. I believe looking at our current Congress (which is close to going into the history books as the least productive) should be a wake up call to voters: Does this candidate (again, any party) really understand the work (collaboration/cooperation/compromise) of their office? Are they being realistic in what they can do? Whose best interests do they have in mind, the U.S., their party’s, their financial supporters, or their own?

Last: I am tired of out of state interests sticking their nose into my elections (aren’t you?) and my state. Follow the money is my rule — start paying attention to who is sponsoring advertisements, individuals and PACs support, etc. Just doing that will help you to understand that maybe the candidate who says they have “your best interests” or “Iowa values” (sorry, I come from Nebraska and most things folks value in Iowa are valued in Nebraska, too) really is being funding/supported/promoted by outside interests. Just re-electing someone because you recognize their name or electing someone just because they say they’ll change things is not enough today. Do your job as a citizen of the U.S. by becoming knowledgeable about candidates and voting.

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