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The end of summer is fast approaching

Published: Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014 11:06 a.m. CDT

The true end of summer is still a month away. But — with most schools opening up next week — the unofficial ending to summer is upon us. This has been one of the nicest summers I can remember temperature-wise.

The super cold winter has held on into the summer and has made the usual hot and humid summer into one most people love. We have not hit 100 degrees yet this year. In fact, we have only hit 90 degrees twice in July and none in June. The high for August is only 82 degrees at the almost halfway point in the month. Let’s hope the nice weather continues into fall.


Be prepared for a lot of kids moving around starting again next week. School will be back in session and many kids will not be looking out for the traffic. SWCC doesn’t get started until Aug. 25, so the full, steady stream of traffic on Townline here in Creston will not get started until that date.

State Fair

It is kind of surprising to me with all the nice weather this year that the attendance at the Iowa State Fair is down compared to last year. I made the trip last Sunday and was expecting a large crowd, but it was pretty easy getting around the fair and the lines where not long at any of the things we wanted to do.

Although, the cost is not getting any better for things like food. Turkey legs are now $8 each. The new thing they are trying with some $3 items seems to be pretty popular, but the main items like corn dogs and such are still pretty pricey.


I spent a couple of days in Chicago last week at a conference. They were having one of their big fundraisers of the year (Rubber Ducky Derby) in the river near where we were staying. You could buy a rubber duck for $5 and have a chance to win a car. More than 53,000 ducks went floating down the river. Plus, there was a big fireworks show that evening. The money from the ducks goes to Special Olympics Illinois.


Check your mailbox next week. Your property tax statement may be the prize you get. The first half of property taxes are due by Sept. 30.

Ag Mag

Our current edition of the Ag Mag is in the mail. We do have some extras if anyone would like one here at the newspaper office. Most are being sent to local agriculture “types,” but anyone is welcome to a copy.


I’m sure the library folks are not real happy with the possible sale of the Lincoln School site, but an opportunity to get the property back onto the tax rolls and provide some new housing in Creston sure makes a lot of sense.

There has been a lot of “discussion” as to whether the Lincoln site is what we need for a library location. My main concern is that it will take a long time to gather the money needed to convert the facility. It is tough enough to raise money when you have a good percentage of people who want a project. I’m not sure we have enough consensus to make it happen.


I’ve taken in a couple of good movies this past week. My wife is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, having a couple of boys that got into the turtles. So, we took in the new turtle movie. It has done so well they have already announced they will be doing another. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy is worth a watch. It has a good storyline and plenty of action. It, too, will have a sequel.

Thought of the week: “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching!” — Gerard Way

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