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Published: Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014 10:30 a.m. CDT


Incomplete 911 call, 8:25 a.m., Tuesday, New York Avenue.

Escort, 8:49 a.m., Tuesday, East Townline Street.

Traffic stop, 9:28 a.m., Tuesday, North Maple Street.

Theft, 9:45 a.m., Tuesday, North Birch Street.

Traffic stop, 10:09 a.m., Tuesday, New York Avenue.

Talk to officer, 11:03 a.m., Tuesday, North Pine Street.

Talk to officer, 12:12 p.m., Tuesday, West Taylor Street.

Nuisance, 12:31 p.m., Tuesday, North Vine Street.

Reckless driving, 1:58 p.m., Tuesday, Highway 34.

Animal call, 2:11 p.m., Tuesday, East Howard Street.

Court order violation, 3:35 p.m., Tuesday, South Elm Street.

Harassing communication, 3:37 p.m., Tuesday, North Maple Street.

Traffic stop, 4:27 p.m., Tuesday, North Sumner Avenue.

Sex assault, 4:45 p.m., Tuesday, Grand Avenue.

Traffic stop, 5:09 p.m., Tuesday, West Townline Street.

Traffic stop, 6:59 p.m., Tuesday, Manor Drive.

Accident, 7:02 p.m., Tuesday, West Adams Street.

Information, 7:34 p.m., Tuesday, North Pine Street.

Welfare check, 7:48 p.m., Tuesday, West Buckeye Street.

Traffic stop, 8:50 p.m., Tuesday, West Devoe Street.

Welfare check, 1:58 a.m., Wednesday, North Poplar Street.

Alarm, 3:39 a.m., Wednesday, West Montgomery Street.

Animal call, 6:01 a.m., Wednesday, North Cherry Street.

Assistance, 8 a.m., Wednesday, West Townline Street.

Talk to officer, 12:36 p.m., Wednesday, North Poplar Street.

Alarm, 1:57 p.m., Wednesday, North Walnut Street.

Accident, 2:26 p.m., Wednesday, North Sumner Avenue.

Talk to officer, 3:57 p.m., Wednesday, North Pine Street.

Alarm, 4:38 p.m., Wednesday, North Walnut Street.

Harassing communication, 4:58 p.m., Wednesday, North Pine Street.

Assistance, 5:20 p.m., Wednesday, West Jefferson Street.

Disturbing the peace, 5:46 p.m., Wednesday, South Poplar Street.

Talk to officer, 7:18 p.m., Wednesday, North Pine Street.

Traffic stop, 8:17 p.m., Wednesday, High and Dry Road.

Traffic stop, 10:51 p.m., Wednesday, West Clark Street.

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