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Published: Friday, April 25, 2014 10:27 a.m. CST

GFWC Bancroft History Assembly

Assembly met April 7 at the community room of the Creston Plaza Apartments. President Peg Anderson called the meeting to order as the 11 members paid honor to American flag with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The inspirational thought was from Thomas Jefferson: “A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong to take everything you have.”

The thought from the yearbook was: “Discover the beauty of simple random acts of kindness.”

Roll call was answered by interesting stories about the pets members had down through the years.

Since there was no meeting held in March, minutes from February were read by the recording secretary Marisue Lewis. The treasurer’s report was given by Avis Hainline.

Joan Chubick reported on having received acknowledgement of the money Bancroft had given for the SWCC scholarship.

A sign-up sheet was passed for the May brunch to be held at the home of Kay Ritter. The nominating committee composed of Martha Musmaker and Joann Nurnberg presented a slate of names for officers for the new year. An election was held and the new officers are as follows: Joann Nurnberg (president), Marisue Lewis (vice president), Sandy Oswald (secretary), Avis Hainline (treasurer), Beth Perry (corresponding secretary) and Peg Anderson (parliamentarian).

Avis Hainline and Kay Raymond are historians. The program committee will be Leone Purdum, Marilyn Ralls and Kay Raymond.

Sandy Oswald volunteered to buy gas and food cards for the crisis intervention and advocacy center to be used in Creston, using the money collected that day. It was also decided that should be the project for May.

The program was given by Sandy Oswald on the life of Pearl Buck.

A thank you note was read from Joan Chubick. A flyer was handed out regarding the library garden walk on June 14.

The next meeting will be May 5 with Martha Musmaker giving the program. The programs committee will be hostess. The business meeting concluded with the club collect. Spring refreshments were served by the hostess, Marisue Lewis.

St. John’s Evening Fellowship

St. John’s Evening Fellowship met on Monday night at the Parish hall. Peggy Erskine was in charge of devotions and gave readings on “Saved by an Angel” and “Kelley.” Ramona Weeks collected the Least Coin. Mary Burg was in charge of the business meeting.

Peggy Erskine gave a card report. The group recently made donations to the Heifer Project, Blanket Fund and Food for Life. Final plans were made for the menu for the Open Table meal to be served by the group.

Delores Doench gave information about the Food for Kids campaign that’s being organized by local churches and also reported on the Back Pack project which will be May 4. The trivia question for the night was given by Joyce Clark, and the trivia prize was won by Delores Doench. Refreshments were served by Peggy Erskine.

Super 8 Card Club

The Super 8 Card Club met April 17 at Regency Park club room. Margarite Minnick was hostess. First place was Mary Brown, second was Cindy McCloud and third was Leta Larkin. The next club meeting day will be May 15. Joyce Perry will be the hostess.

Afton Federated Garden Club

Afton Federated Garden Club met April 11 at Afton Community Center with Pauline McCoy and Agnes Eklund as hostesses. President Vicki Johnson called the meeting to order with members repeating the Pledge of Allegiance and club collect. Roll call was answered by 13 members.

Minutes for the February meeting were read. A motion to approve was made by Shirley Wallace and seconded by Bev Rowe. Rowe gave the treasurer’s report, and it was approved and will be filed as noted.

Donna Thomas sent cards to Karen Van Buskirk and Loretta Kelly.

Johnson gave an update on the Osprey webcam.

The club library will be on next month’s agenda.

The annual district meeting will be June 2 at Lotus Convention Center in Saint Charles. Johnson, along with Pauline McCoy, Judy Weese and Monica Huddleson, will meet with Lynn Follet of the Winterset Sunshine Club to plan the morning refreshments.

Johnson passed out correspondence and literature to share with club members.

Those bringing recipes for the cookbook submitted them to Shirley Wallace, who is doing the artwork for the book.

It was decided a “flower show blitz” will be held the first part of July to remind people to show their talents at the Union County flower show, which will be held July 21. The date of the blitz will be decided upon at the June club tour.

AFGC ad in the Union County Fair Book will stay as is for another year.

Members voted by secret ballot on the recipient of the “Circle of Roses” award.

FGCI State annual flower show and meeting will be June 19-20 at Sheraton Hotel in Iowa City.

Johnson brought up the idea of sending cards to some members who are unable to come to the meetings. All agreed.

A short question and answer session was held.

Motion to adjourn was made by Gwen Sandeman and seconded by Marilyn Larimore.  All repeated the conservation pledge.

Weese gave an informative talk on land conservation.

Refreshments were served by Pauline McCoy and Agnes Eklund.

The next meeting will be May 9 at Afton Community Center.


Twelve members and three guests attended the April 14 Pi Chapter Delta Kappa Gamma meeting at Upper Crust Culinary Creations. Shannon Smith, Creston FBLA sponsor, with students Ben Mullin and Bree Daggett gave the program.

President Joan Lienneman called the meeting to order.

M/S/C by Ruth Clinton and Joyce Anderson to approve the March minutes with the change of the president’s visit being held Oct. 11.

The treasurer’s report was given by Kim Riley. M/S/C by Charolette Roberts and Ann Simmons to approve the treasurer’s report as presented.

Old Business:

Five scholarship applications have been received with Sandy Harris, Sherri Nissen and Cheryl Crall volunteering to read through the applications and choose a recipient. Crall will present the award to the selected applicant during the school’s award assembly.

The state president’s visit will be Oct. 11 with Pi Chapter deciding on a location.

Liennemann and Harris will attend the 2014 State Convention in Davenport June 13-15.

New Business:

Kim Riley presented information on the checking account with Iowa State Savings Bank.

M/S/C by Anderson and Crall to stay with Iowa State Savings Bank switching to the Freedom account and going paperless at no charge.

New officers were selected for 2014-2015 year: President Sandy Harris, Vice President Cheryl Crall, Treasurer Kim Riley, Recording and Corresponding Secretary Sherri Nissen and Parliamentarian Millie Clayton.

M/S/C by Jane Briley and Anderson to give Union County 4-H $15 for Clover Kids programming.

M/S/C by Briley and Harris to pay the meal cost of the three presenting guest.

The next meeting will be held May 12 in Mount Ayr with the program by Ramsey Farms.

M/S/C by Briley and Crall to adjourn the meeting.

Chapter LG P.E.O.

Chapter LG P.E.O. met April 15 at the home of Peg Anderson. Anderson provided a brunch prior to the business meeting. Twelve members responded to roll call.

The chaplain read devotions from Psalms 92: 1-2.

The service installation was conducted by Past President Peg Anderson. The following elected officers were installed: President Rosalie Denton, Recording Secretary Terry Ammon, Corresponding Secretary Carolyn Downing, Treasurer Jennifer Hoyt, Chaplain Dianne Huffman, Guard Kay Ritter and delegate to state convention, Rosalie Denton.

The chapter’s next regular meeting will be 1 p.m. May 6 at the home of Jennifer Hoyt with Nancy James as cohostess.

The next birthday luncheon will be May 13 at Kelly’s Garden Café.

After the meeting, Carolyn Downing led members in an interactive quiz. It provided an avenue to assist members in know more about their chapter sisters.

GRMC Auxiliary

GRMC Auxiliary met 10 a.m. April 21 at the MAP Conference Room with Annette Rice and 11 members present. This was the first meeting for the three newly selected board members: Ann Ferguson, Rhonda Giles and Nancy Hawks.

There was no an administrative report for the April meeting.

Cindy Cochran conducted the general meeting. Members reviewed the prior month’s minutes. Motion by Beverly Betts to approve and seconded by Jone Snyder.

Rice reported there were not any new volunteers. The number of available volunteers has increased some with the return of those vacationing away during the winter months.

A thank you card from Snyder was circulated. She shared her appreciation for the care provided by Dr. Ralston and GRMC employees.

The general fund was reviewed.

Snyder gave the gift connection report. The shop will be offering a special promotion during National Hospital Week beginning May 12. Everyone is encouraged to stop in and see new purchases.

Recent fundraisers included the book and jewelry sales and Spring Fling luncheon. Final profits were not available from all events yet.

GRMC received a thank you from IHERF scholarship committee for the $1,000 donation.

Safe Sitter training classes will be held May 10, 12 and 15 in Lenox and June 19-20 in Creston.

GRMC Auxiliary scholarship recipients were announced. Those included from Creston were Jill Johnson, Lucas Neitzel, Brittany Bunker and Ben Landers, and Brian Zaragoza from Lenox. Those recipients will each receive a $1,000 scholarship to pursue careers in the medical field.

Several members of the auxiliary board will be attending the summer gathering that will be held at Lucas County Health Center in Chariton. Movies will be the theme for the gathering.

GRMC employees joined together for highway cleanup in April.

Rice also shared a new fundraising idea of trivia night.

The meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.

The next meeting will be 10 a.m. May 12 in the MAP Conference Room.

TOPS 1338

TOPS 1338 met April 7 with 10 members in attendance. The best weekly loser for the week was Beverly Lyon and Alice Brown was second. For the month of March, the members losing the most pounds were Carol Sheldahl, first, and second place was Anna Thompson. The winners were also the two best losers for the first quarter of 2014. The club members collectively had a monthly net loss of 13.75 pounds.

The meeting was called to order by President Thompson. The TOPS pledge was recited. Minutes of the last meeting were read by Diana Loomis. There was a discussion regarding long absences of members because of illness or family issues. No meeting will be held April 14. The treasurer gave her report. The new contest was explained and teams were picked.

The program was presented by Sheldahl on the many uses of coconut oil.

Squares and fines were both won by Sheldahl. The program for the next meeting will be given by Thompson. The Red Can Challenge was to keep a list of one’s food intake for two days. The meeting adjourned with the closing TOPS pledge.

On April 21, TOPS 1338 met for its weekly meeting at the United Methodist Church at 5 p.m.

Ten members answered roll call. The best loser for the week was Diana Loomis and Beverly Lyon was runner-up. Most members had enjoyed their Easter weekend dinners too much for losses, but are planning to do better for next week’s weigh-in.

The business meeting was conducted by Anna Thompson and the TOPS pledge was given. The minutes of the past meeting were read by the secretary and the treasurer gave her report. It was announced that Janice Walston will present the program on May 19.

The program for the day was given by Thompson on “Quick Start Guide” from Healing Kitchen. Tips were given to help in weight loss. Fines were won by Lyon, and squares went to Neoma Davis. The new contest was reviewed and it will begin this week.

Next week’s program will be given by Lola Baucom. The Red Can Challenge is to have only one carb per meal this week. The TOPS pledge concluded the meeting.

Mary Circle

Mary Circle of First Christian Church met April 17 at the church. Pat Fils and Averil Lyman were cohostesses. There were nine members present.

The president called the meeting to order with the Disciple Women’s prayer.

Joyce read the secretary’s report, and Margaret gave the treasurer’s report, which were both approved as read.

Old business was discussed.

In new business, the executive board meeting will be 10 a.m. May 8 at the church because the May breakfast is May 1.

Margaret gave the lesson on Jonah.

The next meeting will be May 15 at Florence Willets’ home.

The hostess served dessert and treats.

P.E.O. Chapter AZ

P.E.O. Chapter AZ met April 15 at Salem Lutheran Church. Twenty-one members were present.

The next meeting will be on May 6 with details to come later.

Chapter LG invited Chapter AZ to a social outing July 15 in Indianola at Miss Spencer’s Tea Room.

Christy Whited, Linda Carroll and Nancy Loudon are finalizing plans for the trunk sale at the restored Creston Depot. The objective is to raise money for scholarships.

President Connie Purdum asked members for suggestions for her to take to the state convention in June regarding proposed amendments and standing rules of Iowa State Chapter.

Carolyn Dillenburg introduced Dr. Heather Osterbrink, a surgeon at Greater Community Medical Center, who gave the program. She talked about her family history and how she became a doctor.

Refreshments were served by Sharon Booth and Ann Johnson.

Ladies Lakeshore Auxiliary

Ladies Lakeshore Auxiliary met April 23.

Canasta winners were Marilyn Larimore, first; Barb Veitz, second; and Barb Bills, third.

Wanda Nash won the door prize.

Loretta Kelly will be hostess for cards and chatter April 30.

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