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The changing face of interior design

(ARA) - Home decorating and interior design trends change in tandem with fashion trends. Staying on top of these allows you to update your home the same way you update your closet. You don't have to make drastic or expensive changes to keep your home in style. It's easy to incorporate new interior design trends into your existing decor in creative and affordable ways.

Innovative interior design trends for 2010

In 2010, interior design trends are going to be drawing on the past as they create new looks for the coming year. What is most fabulous about these upcoming trends is the wiggle room they leave for creativity and individuality. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter room designs and color schemes; today's interior design trends provide homeowners with plenty of opportunity to experiment. With a little bit of interior design training, whether informal or dictated by an accredited interior design college, anyone can learn to effectively utilize the following design techniques:

Color. Purple is reported to be the color for 2010. But don't worry if this shade doesn't strike your fancy, you still have plenty of other options. Soft yellows and greens, especially in combination, are going to be quite a hit as well. Pale golds, pinks and lavender grays are going to be used in contrast with bolder and richer African-inspired shades. Earthy tones are always an excellent choice, and you can push some of these colors into the metallic realm for extra spice. In 2010, it's all about unexpected color combinations, so feel free to push the envelope and get creative.

Furniture. What you choose for furniture is fairly dependent on the color of your walls. If you go with more neutral walls, furniture pieces in bold colors are going to really make a statement in 2010. Metallic pieces are gaining in popularity, and they work especially well with sleek, modern styles, and black and white color schemes.

Eco-friendly furniture made from recycled or reclaimed wood is gaining priority, and refurbishing antique pieces or buying distressed new pieces will help bring comfort and style home in the coming year. Also, look for floral prints, stripes, animal prints and other exciting patterns to be making quite a splash in the coming year.

Decorations. Accessories and home decorations are essential for tying together the overall theme of a room. Decorations in 2010 are going to be inspired by a fusion of time periods and cultures. Antique accessories will be very popular, and at all times, decor is going to be focused on homey comfort. Embellished fabrics and sequined cushions will add some pizzazz to your living space, and ethnic accessories drawing on a variety of cultures and time periods are sure to be a hit in the coming year.

As you work toward incorporating some of these styles into your current home decor, keep in mind that you don't need to make drastic changes. Painting your walls is an obvious way to achieve a new color scheme, but finding several accent pieces in the hot colors of 2010 can have a similar effect. If you really enjoy the process of interior design in your own home, you may want to consider pursuing an interior design degree that will enable you to turn your interest into a career.

Be creative with your updates, and at all times be true to yourself. Your home is ultimately a reflection of who you are, so don't lose your personal touch as you strive to incorporate the latest interior design trends. In 2010 it is all about creatively combining trends to achieve a fantastic look you enjoy. Draw upon the interior design trends and tips offered above, and start updating your home's look and feel today.

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